Sunday, December 13, 2009

The things I love / miss ...

Christmas = LOVE

I always get excited for Christmas..
all the decorations, hot chocolate, warm blankets, presents, spend time with your loved ones..

This Christmas, I am taking a trip to Las Vegas & California with the boyfriend !
I am super excited because we are also going to be celebrating our 100th day Anniversary!
We still need to finish booking hotels and car rentals but I'm just ready to go and enjoyyyyyyy my vacation!
Any recommendations on where I should stay/visit/EAT in Las Vegas or California?

Any of you ladies will be in Las Vegas or CALI between 12/21 ~ 1/1 ? LET ME KNOW. I'd love to meet you ladies !

In 2 days, my finals start and tomorrow is our 3months anniversary.
But it looks like we'll be spending most of our time in the library ~ romantic ~

I am also looking for to see my bestie, STEPHANIE , DSK !!!
She is planning on coming home for Christmas and I really hope I get to spend time with her !

So remember how I wrote about my weight loss ?
People have been wanting to see pictures!
Sorry, didnt really get a chance to take a picture but here are some that my bf have taken with his iphone.


I'm not sure if you can see the difference..
But yea, I've lost 20lbs over the summer..
From pants size 4 or 6 to a size 0 or 00
(depending on a type of pants I buy)

I've hired a personal trainer for a month..
I worked out with 3 times a day. 2 times with the trainer and 1 on my own.
I only had 1 month to lose wait because I started in the beginning of august til the end of august.
I didn't skip a day of my workout..
Of course, I made sure to eat well at the same time.
BUT I ate A LOT LESS than what I normally eat before..
Chicken breasts, fruits, veggies.. ewww..

It was very helpful to have a personal trainer because I probably couldn't have done it without him..

It was hard. And I've worked very hard for it.
There were MANY times when I wanted to give up and just be happy with who I am..
But I knew I could be happier..
I've set my goal and I wanted to work for it..and I've earned it.
I'm actually proud of myself..

Thank you for the warm message ladies..

Happy Holidays beauty bloggers ..


Things I love / miss ..


Birthday surprise from him

"30 second decorated" surprise cookie from him

Birthday Present from my bestie, DSK Stephanie

MAC Russian Red

Christmas tree in GR downtown

Thank you for all your love and support !!

Happy Holidays beauty bloggers ..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

[ Hello's ! ]

Dear my wonderful ladies .. !

It's beeeen years since I've blogged !! So many things have happened in my life and I just needed to take a break from this wonderful blog world..I have been trying to keep up with a lot of your blogs but I was never able to get enough of it !

I sincerely miss all of you wonderful ladies out there .. !

What's new with me ?

1.) This summer, I've lost about 25 lbs ! I hired a personal trainer and worked out with him for about a month before I came back to school. I used to be able to wear pants size 4 ~ 6 and now ? I wear size 0 !!! It feels amazing to lose weight and feel better about myself !! Because I've lost so much weight, I basically had to buy clothes for everything !!! I am still working on my belly and my thighs but they're probably the hardest parts to lose ! If any of you ladies know a good way to lose those parts, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee let me know! I'd love to hear from you !!

2.) I am currently in a relationship with a wonderful man ! I actually met him this summer. He transferred to my school finish off his major from Canada. He is Korean (finally dating a Korean ! LOL) and he and I have so many things in common ! I guess he had a crush on me for a while and I didn't even realize it until his friends told me. We hung out a lot and got to know each other more. And one day, he surprised me and took me to this beautiful lake right before the sunset ! We walked around the lake and waited for the sunset.. and that's when he asked me out =) The best thing about him is that he understands me and always supports me with everything that I do. I love the feeling that I am able to tell him anything and discuss about it if I wanted to. Basically, I'm happy =)

3.) It's been over 2 months since I bought any make-up. Can you believe it ? I don't even know what's new these days.. But I am currently looking for a gooooood handcream for men ! If any of you ladies know, please let me know. I also have this issues with my razor bumps on my legs. I need to know a goooood product for that if any of you ladies know. What's popular these days? Someone update me on make-up ! ehehhehe... I'll probably be able to find out by reading all your blogs! but a little update would definitely help me =)

4.) I finally own iPhone 3G3 !! It's been a little over a month and I loveeeeeeee it !! Any good Apps that I should download ?

5.) I was sick with a cold for about 2 1/2 weeks now. I missed a week of school and I'm in a middle of making up for allllll my classes. This week is not going too well for me ! You ladies, wash your hands often! Carry hand sanitizer with you !! It sucks to be sick when you have so many things to do !!! Take care of yourself ladies !! =)

This weekend, the bf and I are thinking about taking a trip to Chicago because we didn't get to celebrate our 1 month Anniversary. That is only if I am "100% better" according to my bf. hehehe... But this weekend, I'll make sure to post pictures !!!

I hope that allllllll of you ladies are doing wonderful and staying healthy!!


Sunday, May 31, 2009

[ M.I.A ]

hello my loveees,

ive been missing you alllll oh sooo very much..

i've been extremely sick and i'm a little better today..

i won't be going to work until thursday because I want to get allll better..

i guess i've been busy with soo many things and worked soo hard without taking care of my body..

if you dont know,
i don't get sick sick often...
but when I am ILL, i am EXTREMELY ill...

it really sucks to be sick right now..

The weathers' been nicee and everyone seems to be enjoying their summer..


just wanted to say hii to you all..

And thank you to my new subcribers!
will be checking you ladies soon =)

i hope everyones doing well
stay beeyoutiful!


Saturday, May 23, 2009

[BB Cream Review: Skin 79 & Korean Cosmetics]

hellloo loveees .

I'm going to do a review on 2 BB Creams that I've just purchased.

Skin79 Diamond Collection
"The Prestige"


Korean Cosmetics Ultra


I loveeee the packaging of Skin79 product because it's pink and shiny.
I know many girls loveeee pink and shiny things =)
It also has a little pump to use (veryyy convinient)

On the other hand,
I do not like the packing of Korean Cosmetic product because it looks really cheap and it's in a tube.

Take a look at these picture:
You can definitely see the difference between these two.
Skin79 product is veryy easy to blend where as the Korean cosmetic product feels cakey.

Blend Blend Blend ~~

I basically tried both products this morning
(washed my face TWICE LOL)


How do I feel about it ?


I personally did not like this product because it didn't give enough coverages for my blemishes and acne scars.
This might be an excellent one for someone that doesn't need a lot of coverage and wants a super natural look. I couldnt' tell that I had anything on my face after using it.

Skin79 "The Prestige"
I personally like this product and it's something that I would definitely re-purchase again. It felt very light for my skin and yet gave me enough coverage. This will also be one of the product that I'll use daily for a natural/easy look. The only thing that I didn't like about this was that it was a bit pricey.

FOTD using the Skin79 "Prestige"


Friday, May 22, 2009

[ Rest in Peace ]

I am extremely sad and shocked to hear ..

The Former South Korea President Noh Moo Hyun committed suicide..

I can't imagine how frustrating he must have been lately...

I pray for him and his family....

May Rest in Peace....

Thursday, May 21, 2009

[ Sephora & BB Cream Haul ]

heyy lovees !

It took me soo long to upload my video!

Youtube and I aren't meant to be..

I will need to make this post real short because I have to work super early tomorrow!!



Boscia Oil-free Daily Hydration SPF 15
Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc Gilded Garden Mosaic
Benefit pocketpal
Rose Bud Lip balms
MUFE UV Prime SPF 50 / PA +++
fresh Lip treatment Sugar SPF 15
Korres wild rose brightening mask

Loveeee youuuuuu ~

BB Creammmms

Skin79 Diamond Collection The Prestige SPF 25/ PA ++
Korean Cosmetics Ultra BB Cream Ossion MIIN Cream SPF 27/ PA++


I will be doing a review on few of these products tomorrow !!


First, thank you soo much for subscribing ! I also apologize for not being able to visit all of your blogs. It's not that I don't wanna read your blogs or don't care for you. I was trying to see if there was an easier way for me to do that. And I had noooo idea how to !



Stay tuneeeed for my reviews tomorrow!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

[ FOOD PORN & Grand Detroit MGM ]

helllo ~

so, as I've mentioned earlier in the post,
I had to take a trip to PA to help my younger brother move out of his apartment.

And Yes,
I drove to PA ALLLLLLLLL by myself and my mom was very annoying.

Overall, the trip was OK.
My car had alot of scratches inside after putting all of my brothers stuff..
I hate scratching my car.

I came back to Michigan on Friday night.

On Saturday,
My dad wanted to take a random trip to Grand Detroit MGM for a night.
It's only 2 1/2 hrs away from where we live and yet dad wanted to stay over night.

this happened at 5pm on Saturday and that's when I booked the room.

Overall trip to MGM?
Super fabulicious.
I absolutely loveeeed their room & food.
BUT HATED their slot machines =p

All these pictures below will show how my trips went ~

13hrs of trip to PA.

Our dinner in the car.
I can't read the name of this Japanese cold noodles.
It was good anyways ! =D

Passing Ohio

We finally made it !


(Korean Spicy Vegetable noodles)

I wasn't hungry. I swear ! ..I swear...

Korean style of Omelette

(Korean veg/meat spicy soup)

Tonkatsu set
(Japanese fried pork)

(Korean Spicy rice cakes)

Thai Egg Rolls

I forgot the name of this.
This Thai dish was delicious!!!

Soy Chai Latte



That's where my brother wants to live this fall
Single dorms.


Nittany Inn
This Inn is inside of campus that is managed by PSU Hospitality Business students!
PSU is a balllllllerr~

Our room

Advertise enough?!



*MGM Hotel Living Room Entrance*
Only the hotel guests can get in
Should've taken a closer picture

By the elevator

Our room for the night.
We didnt check in until 10pm.
What a waste ~..

These pictures were requested by Steph

MGM Buffet, Palette
$32 was worth it !



I didn't forget to stop by here while I was in PA.

What's in this bag?

I'll come back to you tomorrow

Squirrel lookin Jennifer