Monday, February 23, 2009


Hello ladies!

I am glad to be back and happy that I am finally getting myself together to start blogging again! Thanks again for the lovely messages.. It really means a lot to me. =)

So these past 2weeks, I've been extremely busy with school but at the same time, I always made time to buy my goodies =)

I had to fly over to PA 2 weeks ago for a family emergency. Don't worry, everything's better. So while I was in PA, I was able to go to the Korean makeup store and of course, SEPHORA in King of Prussia mall. It was probably the biggest mall that i've ever been to. I was sad that I didn't have enough time to go shopping at Saks!

Ok, Ready for my big haul ?

I bought 4 BB creams. So far? My favorite is the Super +BB Triple Function (Pink Box) I will definitely do a review on them next time.

Lancome Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover
Anastasia Brow Pen (Universal Shade)

dr. brandt v-zone neck cream
NARS Duo Eyeshadow HULA HULA (Spring Collection)
Lancome Oscillation Mascara
Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Mascara
Guerlain KissKiss Liplift Smoothing Lipstick Primer
Sephora Round Powder Brush 41
Dolce & Gabbana L'eau the one
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Potion Prime (SIN)
Makeup Forever Professional Aqua Eyes Eye liner (Brown 1L?)

Total Price ?
sigh*.. I did it again. I should never let myself in that store by myself. lol

This past Friday, I went on a date with DSK, Stephanie to get our makeup done at the MAC store and get our HelloKitty Collection..
Makeover result ?.... ....yea. It didn't go so well. But I kind of liked how my eye makeup turned out.

My dad didn't recognize first. So yea, it was too much makeup for me. But at the same, my MA was really nice and taught me her makeup skills.
Overall, It was good seeing Stephanie !
We always have fun when we hang out. I can't wait to see you again hun!


Hello Kitty Collection
Beauty Powder (Tahitian Sand & Pretty Baby)
Lipgloss (Mimmy)
Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF 15 (Pink Fish)
Glitter Eye Liner (Her Glitz)

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (Medium Plus)
Eye Response Eye Cream
Powder Blsuh (Style)
Eye Shadow ( Mulch & Brun )
Lustre Lipstick (High Tea)
Cremestick Pearl Liner (Honey B.)

Close Up
I love everything that I got at MAC.
For the first time, I don't regret ANYTHING I bought at MAC. I am super proud.
I will review them on my next blog.

I ordered the NYX Concealer in a Jar
Concealers in Yellow, Green, Levender & Fair ($5 each)

The containers were a lot smaller than I expected.
I didn't really like it in the beginning but I absolutely love it !
Oh, excuse the background of my concealer picture lol.

Guess what the hello kitty background is ?
It's my new mousepad ! lol..


I hope you guys liked my haul.
I will probably do a review that I got at Sephora tomorrow.

thanks for stoppin by !


Friday, February 20, 2009

[thank you's]

Dear beautiful blogger ladies,

Thank you so much for the wonderful messages.
It definitely helped me to recover things faster.

Special shout outs to:
DSK, fuzkittie, M, Pink, Janelle,Tia, ning*star, Ahleessa, Jen

Just because I haven't blogged for so long doesn't mean I don't read your blogs =p
I'm still watching all of you ladies =)

Thanks again for all the supports and love messages*

Be ready because I will be coming with a BIGGG HAUL on Sunday

Stay tuned!

with lots of love,