Monday, December 29, 2008

[ Wallet ]

Hey ladies !

I hope everyone had a wonderful & safe Christmas with your loved ones.

I can't believe that I left my camera USB cable back at school and I'm not able to upload any of the pictures that I've taken so far !

Is there any way that I can upload my pictures without the USB cable ? lol... If you know, PLEASE let me know.


I need your help / opinion.

Since I've lost my wallet few weeks ago, I am looking for a NEW one to buy. Right now, I am debating on :

Louis Vuitton 's "International Wallet" ($660)


Gucci ($450)

I'm feeling more towards LV but I tend to chance my mind a lot when it comes to buying a new purse/wallet =)

So help me decide which one I should get !!


Thursday, December 25, 2008

[ Merry Christmas ]

Hey ladies!

I came to my boyfriend's place since the 23rd (Our anniversary day) and we both just woke up!! We already exchanged our gifts last night =) I got many many goodies from Sephora that I've wanted to get. I got a northface jacket for my boyfriend and he loves it very much!

I was hoping that there would be a lot of snow today but it's extremely no white christmas day here in Michigan.

I just wanted to wish alll the beautiful ladies a Merry merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

I'm sooo excited for some good quality time with the family and the boyfriend today!

You ladies have a great and joyful day !


Jennifer -

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I probably just wrote the longest and boring entry and JUST decided that I should delete what I wrote and make it A LOT shorter.

* SIGH *

I think I had the worst day EVER.

Let me outline what happened today:

* I forgot to take my scantron sheet for my last final exam
* I took a pen to take my exam instead of a pencil (AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!)
* My friend lost my student id for about 1hr
* I lost my WALLET a.k.a MY EVERYTHING (credit cards, driver's license, SEPHORA CARD)
* My phone got suspended for not paying my bill (totally forgot)
* I cancelled all my credit cards and ordered a new ones
* I went to the secretary of states WITHOUT any CASH to get a new license (drove back to go get it and waited in line for about 2 hours)
* My Japanese friend, Saya (also an International student) flight got cancelled today
* Went to the mall and didn't buy ANY MAKEUP *double SIGH*


what a day....right?
At least my boyfriend treated me with a nice japanese meal and went to the mall together and went to Starbucks & had a long/nice conversation..Tomorrow, I have to take Saya to the airport and HOPE that the weather wont be too bad....... *SIGH* Anyways, I thought I'd share with you ladies how my first day of break went. I hope you ladies are having a better night than me =) Now that I'm done, I have more time to BLOG ! =) Can't wait for my next blog ! Stay tuned ladies xoxo

Sunday, December 14, 2008



Im back =)

My first tag by 3 beautiful ladies !
I was tagged by JenTheJunkie & Make Me Blushhh & MiuMiu (Thank you again!)

*Copied from MiuMiu*
"Deal: once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog with sixteen random things, facts, habits or goals about you. at the end choose ten people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. don’t forget to leave them a comment (“you’re it”) and to read your blog. you can’t tag the person who tagged you."

ONE : I can bend my fingers backwards til you can actually feel the bone. AHAHA I know it's gross but I think it's pretty unique lol.

TWO : I dislike turkey. I can't look at turkey OR eat turkey. Turkey literally attacked me when I was little. And ever since, I'm scared of turkey..

THREE : I dislike wearing a lipgloss. I know you ladies think i'm insane but it's true! I don't like the stickyness of my lips when I wear them. But if there's any lipgloss thats NOT sticky, PLEASE let me know =)

FOUR : I randomly drove to NYC from Michigan because I was wayyyyy tooo frustrated. The only thing I did was ..... EAT lol... Oh yea, I went by myself.

FIVE : I have a tiny tiny toes. Sometime I wonder if my toes stopped growing since like i think im exaggerating a bit but it is tiny and I complain very much because I can't wear a toe ring.

SIX : I like to drink cherry kool laid with Sprite instead of water. You ladies should try it. Kool laid with water is a no no lol..

SEVEN : I changed my major from Pharmacy to Hospitality(Hotel) Management. A lot people tells me that it's hard to find someone like me to change from a medical field to business field.

EIGHT : I can't drink hard liquor. I tend to have heartburns right afterwards and it sucks ass.

NINE : I officially own 8 Northface jackets in same style but different colors. And planning on getting more lol

TEN : I just got a brand new car yesterday (VERY RANDOM). 2008 Highlander V6 with full options. I LOVEE the DVD player in the back ceiling & my navigation. Car Price: $42,000.00

ELEVEN : I loveee Brian McKnight and I want him to sing for my wedding someday. His voice melts my heart =)

TWELVE : I've learned many many sports & instruments when I was young. Piano, Violin, Cello, Viola, Tennis, Karate, Volleyball, Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Hockey, Soccer, Swimming, Ballet, Art, Dance, Yoga, Pilte. This is how asian parents do to you!!!!

THIRTEEN : I love going to fancy restaurants and try all different kinds of food. I ENJOY eating food.

FOURTEEN : I'm really bad with spending money on things. I like to to buy clothes & make-up without trying them. Even if I don't like it ? I don't return them. I just keep them in my closet/drawer.

FIFTEEN : I'm very sensitive with my car. I HAVE to make sure that I get my oil change RIGHT when I need it. Or If I feel that somethings wrong with my car ? I HAVE to take it to the dealership to get it checked up NO MATTER WHAT.

SIXTEEN : I usually get what I want. If not, I don't feel perfect or satisfied. ahahahahha (SO RANDOM)

I am tagging:

- makemeup
- KerryMarie
- *Nehs*
- Yas
- born2Bbeautiful
- Kylie
- LaaLaa
- Janelle
- Ran
- PamCakes

I will be updating a lot more as soon as Im done with all my exam.
Until then, take care ladies! xoxo

Hey ladies,

I wanted to write a short message to let all the beautiful ladies that I'm still here and DO check all your lovely blogs.

so sorry for not being able to update these days! But I've been getting ready for my finals and I had a really tough week and will be TOUGHER. So please understand me.

I was tagged by JenTheJunkie and Make Me Blushhh(M). Thanks for tagging me ladies! I will update my blog by tonight.

thanks ladies!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

[ Big Hauls ]


I was able to get my new Sony Cyvershot DSC-T700 digital camera! It was $379 for the camera and got a 2 year warranty AND the camera case. So toatal of around $430. Yikes! But it's all worth it because I get to update more and have an actual pictures from now on. Thank you for being patient with me. I think my blog entries bored some of the ladies out there since I had no interesting pictures. But hopefully not anymore! =)

[My Goodies]

This entry is based on my recent products that I've purchased (probably from thanksgiving break).

So I wrote on my previous post that I went to Chicago during my thanksgiving break and BARELY made it to Sephora before they closed. And on my last day in Chicago, I went to the Japanese Market, Mitsuwa to pick out a few things.

Let me tell you, I ABSOLUTELY regret that I didn't my the purchase from PINK because she sells her *drugs* so cheap !! So if anyone is interested in buying japanese hair/skin products for a cheaper price, please check out her *drug* site. (You can request her for a specific products)

Let me start with a hair products:

Tsubaki Shampoo & Conditioner from Shiseido( $19 per bottle plus tax ) is absolutely amazing. I can definitely feel THE DIFFERENCE when I have them on my hair and massaging it. It smells soo good and feeels soo silky even before I rinse my hair. And of course, after I rinse it, my hair is sooo silky and smooooth. I've been using this shampoo and conditioner for years now and I can't find anything better than this! So if any of you ladies have problem with getting their hair silky and healthy, you know what to get it now ! =)

Lucido-L Styling Glamorous Hair Wax ( pink tube $16 ) is probably for someone who doesn't really know how to style their hair and doesn't like their hair to be all sticky and chunky. WELL, that's ME. lol. I personally don't like to style my hair because i dont' know how and I like my hair to be simple. I also don't like hair spray, gel, mousse and wax because I dont' like the stickness of my hair. But this product doesn't do any of that! You ONLY need a dime size of this to style your hair. This stuff is NOT sticky at all and with a little amount of wax, it literally does your hair fabulous. This wax doesnt even feel like a wax but it feels like a moisturizer. YEA, its that liquidy for a wax. The only thing that I don't like about it is that It doesn't have a good smell to it (or doesnt smell like anything). To me, it smells like a mascara if that even describes the smell lol. But seriously, try this

Finally, to the makeup products! (this part will be extremely long):

Naris egg shell facial peeling pack ($16 white tube shown on the first two picture above) helps remove blackheads AND makes the skin smoother and of course healthier! I've only tried this once and I loved it. I usually use this for my nose area since I have a major issue with my blackheads. It really does make a difference. The only thing that I dont like about this is that it's wayyyyy too sticky that you really need to be careful when you do your whole face especially don't put it over your hair cause it will ripppppppp your hair off lol.

Clinique exfoliating scrub ($17.50) is probably something that I won't purchase again. It didn't really "exfoliate" enough for my skin. Plus I feel that it's too thick and hard on my skin that I wouldn't want to do it more than once a week. The only thing that I like about this is that when I put it on my face it gives me that cool feeling. Again, I'm only writing about how it went with my skin. But who knows, this might work better on you.

Mandom makeup remover ($14) removes your makeup literally in 1 minute although I don't wear a lot of makeups. You really don't have to rub it real hard to remove your makeup and that's what I like about it. ALSO, it's not oily! It feels just like a skin toner! =) Before, after I remove my eye makeups, it hurts my eye area because I HAVE to rub it hard to remove it and because of that my eyes would've had wrinkles very fast. I recommend this too all the ladies that loves makeup and also LOVEEE their skin =)

(that's how much it came off after a wipe)

Sheseido "Water In Lip" chapstick in Mint ($12) is THE MIRACLE! YOU ALL SHOULD GET THIS!! Especially during this cold season, you know your lips need to be moisturized 24/7. This stuff is amazing and you will not regret buying this. It moisturizes your lip right when you put it on. And it gives you that cool feeling with it. RECOMMEND IT!!
NARS Pressed Powder in Mountain($29) for a "deep yellow undertones for a medium to deep skin tones" I really needed a new powder to use after I use my foundation. I really like this powder because it feel very light when I put it on and I think it's the best color that matches with my skin tone. So if you're someone that doesn't wear too much makeup but need a little coverage? this might do you good. But, I might want to try something better next time I purchase my powder because I really want a PERFECT powder (whatever that means) lol.

MAC, Bobbi Brown and NARS blush (left to right $29, $40, $25) is my 3 top favorite blushes now! I love all of their stuff. MAC MSF(mineralized skin finish) in Petticoat has a pink-ish light brown-ish shimmery color and i think it's absolutely beautiful. Bobbie Brown Shimmer Brick Compact in Bronze is my favorite bronzer out of all my bronzers that I have. It has the light-ish gold shimmery color and it goes well on any season ! I've been wearing this almost everyday. Lastly, NARS "highlighter" in Nico has a vanilla(?) beige shimmery color and its perfect for contouring your face!

MAC paint pots and NARS Luminizer (left to right $16.50, $37) has all the great colors. I got MAC paint pots in Bare Study and Painterly. I wear them most of the time and I love it and I want to buy more paint pots. I got NARS luminizer in St.barts (thanks pink!) for contouring my face.

Dior Concealer Palette ($39 only at Sephora Website) is probbaly the best concealer I've ever had. It's because there are 4 colors that I can mix it to get the right color for my skin tone. It's a bit dry for my skin but I use it with the NYX "As if" concealer stick which is moisturized so it balances out. If you have hard time finding a right color for a concealer, this is the one for you.
Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil($16) is so easy to use. You don't have to press hard to line your eyes. It's not that dry as the other eye liner and it doesnt smudge so easily. But next time I buy a eye liner, I think I will try the Make Up For Ever eye liner.

Ok, I pretty much spent about 3 hours to write and take pictures (Im STILL not used to this blog). So, the stuff I bought today will be my next post.

Until then, enjoy and I hope this was helpful and fun!

Stay beautiful ladies =)


Saturday, December 6, 2008

[ Skin Care Part 2 ]

I want to thank all the ladies for the love messages and suppor that you guys have been given me. It's a little bit odd for ME to talk about all this because I don't know much about it. But when I do learn and experience things, I like to share with you all =) THANK YOU !

I have a good news!!
I am going to best buy tomorrow and going to get a new digital camera. Which means, MUCHO pictures coming for you ladies. so be ready for me =)

I am a big fan of makeups and always willing to try new things. BUT I think i'm more interested in skin care stuff. So I thought I should share more of skin care tips.

Christmas is my favorite holiday. Snow fight, hot chocolate, warm blankets, presents, be with your loved ones and of course FOOOOD =)
But when it comes to my skin, I absolutely hate it. I have been doing a lot of things to my face to keep it moisturized and healthy. But it's hard when the weathers not cooperating with me =(

Every winter, my skin is usually dry. So, to reduce the dryness of my skin I've been trying this and that. Here's where I've been concentrating and what I've been doing:

1.) Do you take care of your elbow and ankle area? Most of the time, we dont seem to take care of those parts because we don't usually look at it. But when you wear a short sleeves or a dress, you want to look beautiful but also healthy in every way possible. So, what do I use? SALT
I use the regular salt that we use to cook :

- mix 1 teaspoon of salt with a few drops of moisturizing lotion (I use the Dior Soothing toner)
- Make sure that you it's not too liquidy
- Rub it all around your elbow and ankle area
- It will exfoliate those parts and reduce the "dry looking" elbow and ankle
- Wipe off with a steamed towel ( I recommend to use steamed towel but if you cant have it at the moment, use whatver works for you)
- Put enough body cream to keep it moisturized

2.) Blackheads/Pores : I use plain brown sugar to help reduce my blackheads/pores. But if brown sugar is too hard on your skin, you can mix it with foam cleanser.

- take a dime size of brown sugar and rub it around your nose
- Gently rub it for about a minute
- Wash with cold water
- Moisturize

3.) There are days when your makeup just doesnt seem to work well because of your dry skin due to the weather/condition. So, to help my makeup go on more smooth, I use my favorite STEAMED TOWEL ( Can't you tell I loveee using the steamed towel? )

- Make yourself a steamed towel ( boil a small towel with water )
- Before you do anything, make sure that your towel is not too hot to put on your face
- When it's ready, put the towel over your face for about 10minutes
- If needed, put on moisturizer
- Makeup time !

4.) Another tips for lips: did you know that you can use eye cream to reduce the dryness of your lips?

- Mix eye cream with the moisturizer (or Essense)
- Put over your lips
- Cover a saran wrap over your lips
- Wait about 10 minutes
- Wipe off with warm towel
- Put on chapstick/lip balm

5.) Pimples: We know how much we hate our pimples ESP. when you have to look good the next day. What I do is I use my makeup removal pads and put a few drops of my toner(I use my FACESHOP toner). Put the pad over the pimple for a night (I usually tape it so that it won't fall down when I sleep lol) Here's the thing. I dont just use my toner. I use it COLD. Which means, I keep my toner in the fridge at all times.

I hope this helps =)
I can't wait to update next time with REAL pictures =)

Stay fabulous ladies !

Here's what I've received in the email if anyone is interested:

Sunday, November 30, 2008

[ Beauty Tips ]

  • Haircare

    1.) Oily Hair :

    - Shampoo like how you normally do

    - Use conditioner

    - After using the conditioner, put a drops of fresh lemon juice all over your hair


    - Shampoo & Conditioner

    - Mix Green Tea Powder with Egg whites (1:1)

    - Put it all over your roots

    - Leave it for 5minutes

    - Rinse it with warm water

    2.) Dandruff Issue :

    - Of course, use any kind of shampoo that is for dandruff

    - Instead of using the regular conditioner, use milk

    - Use about 2 ~3 tablespoons of milk and put it all over the roots

    - Rinse with warm water

    3.) Damaged Hair (From perm or hair color) :

    - Shampoo & Treatment like how you normally do. And rinse it.

    - Mix egg yolk and milk (1:1)

    - Put it all over your hair

    - Wait about 10 minutes

    - Rinse

    * If you're planning on getting your hair permed or dyed sometime soon, you should try this everyday for about 10days before you get your hair done. It will definitely help your hair.

Ladies, hair is very important just as your skin ! It's important that we take a good care of our hair during this cold season!

Another important thing that we all need to take care of right now is our CHAPPED LIPS. Don't you hate it when our lips are extremely dry and get cuts ? well, I am definitely experiencing that right now.

*Tips for your lips*

- Before you sleep, make yourself a steamed towel to put it on your lips (about 5 ~ 10mins)

- Using a Q-tips, rub it all around your lips. It will exfoliate your lips

- Put your chapstick or lip moisturizer (I use the FACE repair balm from Sephora. RECOMMEND IT)

- Put a saran wrap on ur lips (MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE ABLE TO BREATHE..LOL)

- Wait about 5 ~ 10minutes

- Wipe off your lips with a cotton or whatever is convenient for you

* When your lips are EXTREMELY dry to the point when your lips are bleeding, try using Vaseline and honey. ITS THE BEST COMBINATION!


- Warm up a little bit of honey

- Put it all over your lips (it might stink if you have cuts on your lips)

- Use saran wrap to cover your lips

- Leave it on for about 20 minutes

- Wipe it off with a steamed towel

- Put ENOUGH Vaseline on your lips

Until next time, take care ladies !

Saturday, November 29, 2008

[ shOrt uPdate ]

First, I'd like to thank all the beautiful ladies for the lovely messages and helping me to learn this whole blogging thing!
Seeing all the interesting and helpful blogs, it makes me wanna update and share my stuff with you all. Even though I'm not a professional make-up artist or knows enough about make-up, I believe that everyone finds a new, interesting and helpful tips from each other. Yea? =)

Anyways, So I have been wanting to update for the longest time. HOWEVER, I totally forgot that my digital camera is broken and I am looking for a new one! So Pleaseeee, if there's a digital camera that you have or you would like to recommend me, let me know =)

OH, So i was supposed to talk about my Sephora packages that I got about 2weeks ago. The package itself was very disappointing to me. I didnt get my 6 free samples that I've asked. Instead, I got a lot of colognes. WTF rite? I'm a girl and I was expecting a girl product AT LEAST but they're sending me a guy stuff? How aweful is that. *RAWR*

So in my package, I got my Guerlain Parure Aqua Radient Feel-Good Liquid Foundation & DIOR Concealer Palette (Thanks to xppinkx)

For my foundations/powders, it's always hard for me to find a right color if i order it online. and of course, I got the WRONG COLOR. ugh... I opened it and tried a little bit on my hand and it was literally like a chocolate color on my skin. LOL...I guess I DO suck at picking out colors BIG TIME. But I've learned my lesson (sort of..heheheheeh). But except the color, I do like the feel of it. It's very hydrating and goes on very smoothly. It's a bit pricey but to me, price shouldn't matter SO MUCH for all of my make-up and ESP. Skin Care products.

I went back to Sephora to return my foundation and got my money back. I was lazy to go back online and order and wait another week to get it. So instead, I'm using my Givenchy Fluid Foundation with SPF 20. But I'll write about that next time.

My other and last product that came with the foundation, Dior Concealer Palette was worth it. Since it's always been hard to find the right color for my skin, using the Dior concealer palette, i can mix the colors to find the perfect color. I do have to say that it's a bit dry for my skin but I only use it on my blemishes right after I apply my foundation (when your skin is moisturized).

So overall, my sephora package was OK because of my samples, came REALLLLLY late (it should've taken about 2~3 days) and because i picked the wrong color which was my fault. hehe..

SO Ladies! when you order a foundation/powder, please be careful and spend enough time to choose the right color for you ! =)


OH, I went to chicago for a night right before thanksgiving day. I got to chicago extremely late and didn't have time to shop because everywhere was closing BUT SEPHORA (it's meant to be hehehehe). So I ran into buy my goodies and I picked out 4 things within 5minutes ($151). *sigh*

But it was something that I've been wanting to buy even though I should've thought more before I bought them. I will WRITE with MORE DETAILS about them next time.

I'm hoping to buy camera as soon as I figure out which one to buy. When I get it, I'll update update and UPDATE =)

Thanks for stoppin by <3>

Thursday, November 13, 2008

[ heLL weeK ]

..So yea..

this week? "Making love to biology week" *JOY*
it is 3am right now and I'm still up taking a break from my studying.
it sucks that i haven't been able to figure out exactly how to use this blog ~
but i have many many lovely ladies out there that gives me an update on make-up, fashion, beauty and their fabulous lives! *keep it up ladies*

I don't think I'm good enough to talk about make-up, fashion and beauty, but it's something that interests me and make me fabulous. that's all it matters right? I also wanted to share with all the ladies out there with my beauty secrets, products and etc.

But, before that ? I want to introduce myself to all the ladies out there:

Name: Jennifer
Age: 22
Current Hometown: GR, Michigan
Ethnicity: South Korean
Major: Hospitality Management
Relationship Status: Taken by *T.H*
Interests: Shopping, Eating, Sleeping, Driving, Traveling, Cooking
Favorite TV show: Project Runway, Top Chef, What Not to Wear, COPS, 24, Housewives
Favorite Music: R&B, Ballad, Classic, Hip Hop
Favorite Quote: "The best thing is to look natural, but it takes make-up to look natural" - Calvin Klein
About Me:
I moved to the states when I was 10 years old. From all the love and support that I've gotten from my friends and family, I am here now and enjoying every second of my life and so thankful for everything. I am hoping to graduate within 2years and hopefully find a job somewhere in the city area and hope to become a hotel manager. My English grammar isn't all that perfect but I'm not going to sit here and grammar check forever because this isn't my business writing class =p The whole purpose of this blog is to share a little bit of my life plus the beauty! =D

*Beauty update:

I am waiting for my sephora package to come! As soon as I get my package, I will make sure to tell all of you about it. I also have other things that I recently purchased and would like to share it with you all.

So please stay tuned !

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

First Blog <3

I am very excited to start this blog!
I will pretty much write about make-ups and little bit of fashion. I'm still not used to using this blog so when I do figure out how to post pictures and etc, I will update =)