Sunday, November 30, 2008

[ Beauty Tips ]

  • Haircare

    1.) Oily Hair :

    - Shampoo like how you normally do

    - Use conditioner

    - After using the conditioner, put a drops of fresh lemon juice all over your hair


    - Shampoo & Conditioner

    - Mix Green Tea Powder with Egg whites (1:1)

    - Put it all over your roots

    - Leave it for 5minutes

    - Rinse it with warm water

    2.) Dandruff Issue :

    - Of course, use any kind of shampoo that is for dandruff

    - Instead of using the regular conditioner, use milk

    - Use about 2 ~3 tablespoons of milk and put it all over the roots

    - Rinse with warm water

    3.) Damaged Hair (From perm or hair color) :

    - Shampoo & Treatment like how you normally do. And rinse it.

    - Mix egg yolk and milk (1:1)

    - Put it all over your hair

    - Wait about 10 minutes

    - Rinse

    * If you're planning on getting your hair permed or dyed sometime soon, you should try this everyday for about 10days before you get your hair done. It will definitely help your hair.

Ladies, hair is very important just as your skin ! It's important that we take a good care of our hair during this cold season!

Another important thing that we all need to take care of right now is our CHAPPED LIPS. Don't you hate it when our lips are extremely dry and get cuts ? well, I am definitely experiencing that right now.

*Tips for your lips*

- Before you sleep, make yourself a steamed towel to put it on your lips (about 5 ~ 10mins)

- Using a Q-tips, rub it all around your lips. It will exfoliate your lips

- Put your chapstick or lip moisturizer (I use the FACE repair balm from Sephora. RECOMMEND IT)

- Put a saran wrap on ur lips (MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE ABLE TO BREATHE..LOL)

- Wait about 5 ~ 10minutes

- Wipe off your lips with a cotton or whatever is convenient for you

* When your lips are EXTREMELY dry to the point when your lips are bleeding, try using Vaseline and honey. ITS THE BEST COMBINATION!


- Warm up a little bit of honey

- Put it all over your lips (it might stink if you have cuts on your lips)

- Use saran wrap to cover your lips

- Leave it on for about 20 minutes

- Wipe it off with a steamed towel

- Put ENOUGH Vaseline on your lips

Until next time, take care ladies !


DSKNguyen said...

That's the girl from Princess Hours! I love her~!
And I see you put saran wrap on the lips eh? awesome tips! I love this post, keep it uP~!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking hun!! Love the tips too!! I'm gonna try the oily hair and chapped lip tips!

ilovewendy said...

I should try the lip tricks:) I get pretty chappy when it's cold out.

Alex has such a soothing voice! I always listen to him when I'm on campus or even during my classes when I'm bored. Haha:) I think I'm foolish to be mesmerized at this age over a singer. Pfft.

Anyhow,I think the BRTC Gold Caviar would be okay for dry skin; if you put a good moisturizer under it should be fine:)
Also, most gals have said that this BB is pretty thick but, I don't mind it at all. Once you smooth it on the face it feels liquidy, easy to work with and the coverage is buildable without feeling gunky or oily.

Hope this helps<3

I don't think it updated because I have my blog on invite at the moment.

Take care!

makemeup said...

YEs i love my shimmer palette as much as you! I will def. review on the contour palette for you! THanks for checking my blog!

DSKNguyen said...

Hey Chica,

You wouldn't be interested in LV gold hoops earrings would you? They're originally $315 on Eluxury-- I have a friend who is selling her LV earrings because she needs the money. I'm tempted to buy them because they're so adorable and I've been wanting hoops for the longest time!!!!!!! AHH I need to show you the pic! GET ONLINE!

L said...

Hey lady! :) What excellent tips, i love the hair and lip ones especially! :)

Can't wait to read more from ya! XO!

Jen said...

vaseline and honey... hmm... good idea.. i might try that! thanks =)

M said...

DEFINITELY need to try that on my lips ;)

DSKNguyen said...

Lets do it!
I wanna try to find that Skin Food in Chicago. Actually I'll look it up right now.

Yas said...

Thank you soooo much for the chapped lips tips. I am having the hardest time this year with dry lips so I will be giving those a try!

Kristine said...

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Emeria said...

Thanks hon!!

Keep up with the good content..great tips!!!

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