Sunday, December 13, 2009

The things I love / miss ...

Christmas = LOVE

I always get excited for Christmas..
all the decorations, hot chocolate, warm blankets, presents, spend time with your loved ones..

This Christmas, I am taking a trip to Las Vegas & California with the boyfriend !
I am super excited because we are also going to be celebrating our 100th day Anniversary!
We still need to finish booking hotels and car rentals but I'm just ready to go and enjoyyyyyyy my vacation!
Any recommendations on where I should stay/visit/EAT in Las Vegas or California?

Any of you ladies will be in Las Vegas or CALI between 12/21 ~ 1/1 ? LET ME KNOW. I'd love to meet you ladies !

In 2 days, my finals start and tomorrow is our 3months anniversary.
But it looks like we'll be spending most of our time in the library ~ romantic ~

I am also looking for to see my bestie, STEPHANIE , DSK !!!
She is planning on coming home for Christmas and I really hope I get to spend time with her !

So remember how I wrote about my weight loss ?
People have been wanting to see pictures!
Sorry, didnt really get a chance to take a picture but here are some that my bf have taken with his iphone.


I'm not sure if you can see the difference..
But yea, I've lost 20lbs over the summer..
From pants size 4 or 6 to a size 0 or 00
(depending on a type of pants I buy)

I've hired a personal trainer for a month..
I worked out with 3 times a day. 2 times with the trainer and 1 on my own.
I only had 1 month to lose wait because I started in the beginning of august til the end of august.
I didn't skip a day of my workout..
Of course, I made sure to eat well at the same time.
BUT I ate A LOT LESS than what I normally eat before..
Chicken breasts, fruits, veggies.. ewww..

It was very helpful to have a personal trainer because I probably couldn't have done it without him..

It was hard. And I've worked very hard for it.
There were MANY times when I wanted to give up and just be happy with who I am..
But I knew I could be happier..
I've set my goal and I wanted to work for it..and I've earned it.
I'm actually proud of myself..

Thank you for the warm message ladies..

Happy Holidays beauty bloggers ..


Things I love / miss ..


Birthday surprise from him

"30 second decorated" surprise cookie from him

Birthday Present from my bestie, DSK Stephanie

MAC Russian Red

Christmas tree in GR downtown

Thank you for all your love and support !!

Happy Holidays beauty bloggers ..