Saturday, December 6, 2008

[ Skin Care Part 2 ]

I want to thank all the ladies for the love messages and suppor that you guys have been given me. It's a little bit odd for ME to talk about all this because I don't know much about it. But when I do learn and experience things, I like to share with you all =) THANK YOU !

I have a good news!!
I am going to best buy tomorrow and going to get a new digital camera. Which means, MUCHO pictures coming for you ladies. so be ready for me =)

I am a big fan of makeups and always willing to try new things. BUT I think i'm more interested in skin care stuff. So I thought I should share more of skin care tips.

Christmas is my favorite holiday. Snow fight, hot chocolate, warm blankets, presents, be with your loved ones and of course FOOOOD =)
But when it comes to my skin, I absolutely hate it. I have been doing a lot of things to my face to keep it moisturized and healthy. But it's hard when the weathers not cooperating with me =(

Every winter, my skin is usually dry. So, to reduce the dryness of my skin I've been trying this and that. Here's where I've been concentrating and what I've been doing:

1.) Do you take care of your elbow and ankle area? Most of the time, we dont seem to take care of those parts because we don't usually look at it. But when you wear a short sleeves or a dress, you want to look beautiful but also healthy in every way possible. So, what do I use? SALT
I use the regular salt that we use to cook :

- mix 1 teaspoon of salt with a few drops of moisturizing lotion (I use the Dior Soothing toner)
- Make sure that you it's not too liquidy
- Rub it all around your elbow and ankle area
- It will exfoliate those parts and reduce the "dry looking" elbow and ankle
- Wipe off with a steamed towel ( I recommend to use steamed towel but if you cant have it at the moment, use whatver works for you)
- Put enough body cream to keep it moisturized

2.) Blackheads/Pores : I use plain brown sugar to help reduce my blackheads/pores. But if brown sugar is too hard on your skin, you can mix it with foam cleanser.

- take a dime size of brown sugar and rub it around your nose
- Gently rub it for about a minute
- Wash with cold water
- Moisturize

3.) There are days when your makeup just doesnt seem to work well because of your dry skin due to the weather/condition. So, to help my makeup go on more smooth, I use my favorite STEAMED TOWEL ( Can't you tell I loveee using the steamed towel? )

- Make yourself a steamed towel ( boil a small towel with water )
- Before you do anything, make sure that your towel is not too hot to put on your face
- When it's ready, put the towel over your face for about 10minutes
- If needed, put on moisturizer
- Makeup time !

4.) Another tips for lips: did you know that you can use eye cream to reduce the dryness of your lips?

- Mix eye cream with the moisturizer (or Essense)
- Put over your lips
- Cover a saran wrap over your lips
- Wait about 10 minutes
- Wipe off with warm towel
- Put on chapstick/lip balm

5.) Pimples: We know how much we hate our pimples ESP. when you have to look good the next day. What I do is I use my makeup removal pads and put a few drops of my toner(I use my FACESHOP toner). Put the pad over the pimple for a night (I usually tape it so that it won't fall down when I sleep lol) Here's the thing. I dont just use my toner. I use it COLD. Which means, I keep my toner in the fridge at all times.

I hope this helps =)
I can't wait to update next time with REAL pictures =)

Stay fabulous ladies !

Here's what I've received in the email if anyone is interested:


fuzkittie said...

Great tips! Thank you for sharing them~ Woo the GA stuff looks so luxurious!

MiuMiu said...

Thanks for the tips! I will definitely try the brown sugar, my pores are horrible @__@

DSKNguyen said...

WOW, I need to do all this stuff.
I'm so lazy when it comes to skin care!! hehe

Salt and brown sugar, got it!

Thanks J.Yo! I love you and your blog!

Get online, I'm lonely!!

Jen said...

oooh toner in the fridge.... i'm going to have to try that

oooh have you tried armani face fabric? my sis-in-law loves it. i swatched it and it felt sooo good1