Sunday, December 14, 2008



Im back =)

My first tag by 3 beautiful ladies !
I was tagged by JenTheJunkie & Make Me Blushhh & MiuMiu (Thank you again!)

*Copied from MiuMiu*
"Deal: once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog with sixteen random things, facts, habits or goals about you. at the end choose ten people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. don’t forget to leave them a comment (“you’re it”) and to read your blog. you can’t tag the person who tagged you."

ONE : I can bend my fingers backwards til you can actually feel the bone. AHAHA I know it's gross but I think it's pretty unique lol.

TWO : I dislike turkey. I can't look at turkey OR eat turkey. Turkey literally attacked me when I was little. And ever since, I'm scared of turkey..

THREE : I dislike wearing a lipgloss. I know you ladies think i'm insane but it's true! I don't like the stickyness of my lips when I wear them. But if there's any lipgloss thats NOT sticky, PLEASE let me know =)

FOUR : I randomly drove to NYC from Michigan because I was wayyyyy tooo frustrated. The only thing I did was ..... EAT lol... Oh yea, I went by myself.

FIVE : I have a tiny tiny toes. Sometime I wonder if my toes stopped growing since like i think im exaggerating a bit but it is tiny and I complain very much because I can't wear a toe ring.

SIX : I like to drink cherry kool laid with Sprite instead of water. You ladies should try it. Kool laid with water is a no no lol..

SEVEN : I changed my major from Pharmacy to Hospitality(Hotel) Management. A lot people tells me that it's hard to find someone like me to change from a medical field to business field.

EIGHT : I can't drink hard liquor. I tend to have heartburns right afterwards and it sucks ass.

NINE : I officially own 8 Northface jackets in same style but different colors. And planning on getting more lol

TEN : I just got a brand new car yesterday (VERY RANDOM). 2008 Highlander V6 with full options. I LOVEE the DVD player in the back ceiling & my navigation. Car Price: $42,000.00

ELEVEN : I loveee Brian McKnight and I want him to sing for my wedding someday. His voice melts my heart =)

TWELVE : I've learned many many sports & instruments when I was young. Piano, Violin, Cello, Viola, Tennis, Karate, Volleyball, Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Hockey, Soccer, Swimming, Ballet, Art, Dance, Yoga, Pilte. This is how asian parents do to you!!!!

THIRTEEN : I love going to fancy restaurants and try all different kinds of food. I ENJOY eating food.

FOURTEEN : I'm really bad with spending money on things. I like to to buy clothes & make-up without trying them. Even if I don't like it ? I don't return them. I just keep them in my closet/drawer.

FIFTEEN : I'm very sensitive with my car. I HAVE to make sure that I get my oil change RIGHT when I need it. Or If I feel that somethings wrong with my car ? I HAVE to take it to the dealership to get it checked up NO MATTER WHAT.

SIXTEEN : I usually get what I want. If not, I don't feel perfect or satisfied. ahahahahha (SO RANDOM)

I am tagging:

- makemeup
- KerryMarie
- *Nehs*
- Yas
- born2Bbeautiful
- Kylie
- LaaLaa
- Janelle
- Ran
- PamCakes

I will be updating a lot more as soon as Im done with all my exam.
Until then, take care ladies! xoxo

Hey ladies,

I wanted to write a short message to let all the beautiful ladies that I'm still here and DO check all your lovely blogs.

so sorry for not being able to update these days! But I've been getting ready for my finals and I had a really tough week and will be TOUGHER. So please understand me.

I was tagged by JenTheJunkie and Make Me Blushhh(M). Thanks for tagging me ladies! I will update my blog by tonight.

thanks ladies!


DSKNguyen said...

I look forward to it! :)

MiuMiu said...

I got the Mandom makeup remover too and I'm loving it so far XD
I look forward to your list of randoms =D

DSKNguyen said...

That was the best 16 things I read so far. Wow..MI to NY, damn girl..when was this?

Your car is expensive!

Quote from Minh, "you should tell her to get a mirror
so she can watch the DVD player when she drives
put the mirror in the back of the car"

lol, he's so retarded!

I didn't know you were chased by turkeys!! You need to drop that habit of buying and not returning..HONEY I will be your assistant and return it for you!!

Jen said...

oOOH.. a non sticky lipgloss.. Jemma Kidd at Target! Hands down! I love it better than MACs. MAC is too sticky!

I'm glad you did the tag, my dear!

Emeria said...

you can bend your finger?? how fucking gnarley!!!

girl i can't believe you drove all the way there all by yourself!! I'd hate the loneliness :[ And I CANNOT believe a turkey almost attacked you!! LOL crazy

good luck with your finals too!! i'll be soooo glad once this week is over

word verif: toess

fuzkittie said...

Hey beautiful!

I am in love with La Mer, as you can tell. But I can't tell you whether it will work for you or not, as it's obvious that it doesn't work for some people. It's like a miracle for my skin, and yet some people can't stand it... I do recommend it, but I can't say that it will work for you. Hehee, is there any way you could get a sample? Maybe you can get that sample from Glow and try it.

xppinkx said...


somebody got a new whip!!! you must be YIPPINGGGGGGGGG!!! congratz babygirl...and you have a DVD player!!! pimp...

speaking of unsticky lipgloss...CHANEL makes lipglosses that glide like butter..but i know what you mean when you say you hate sticky!!! i love this post i get to know about you and your freaking crazy for driving to NYC by yourself just for food!!! that is what i would do!!!! i love it!!

oh and good luck on the finals babe!!!


Ahleessa said...

Congrats on your new car!!! :)

Thanks for welcoming me back!

I LOVE YOU said...