Sunday, December 7, 2008

[ Big Hauls ]


I was able to get my new Sony Cyvershot DSC-T700 digital camera! It was $379 for the camera and got a 2 year warranty AND the camera case. So toatal of around $430. Yikes! But it's all worth it because I get to update more and have an actual pictures from now on. Thank you for being patient with me. I think my blog entries bored some of the ladies out there since I had no interesting pictures. But hopefully not anymore! =)

[My Goodies]

This entry is based on my recent products that I've purchased (probably from thanksgiving break).

So I wrote on my previous post that I went to Chicago during my thanksgiving break and BARELY made it to Sephora before they closed. And on my last day in Chicago, I went to the Japanese Market, Mitsuwa to pick out a few things.

Let me tell you, I ABSOLUTELY regret that I didn't my the purchase from PINK because she sells her *drugs* so cheap !! So if anyone is interested in buying japanese hair/skin products for a cheaper price, please check out her *drug* site. (You can request her for a specific products)

Let me start with a hair products:

Tsubaki Shampoo & Conditioner from Shiseido( $19 per bottle plus tax ) is absolutely amazing. I can definitely feel THE DIFFERENCE when I have them on my hair and massaging it. It smells soo good and feeels soo silky even before I rinse my hair. And of course, after I rinse it, my hair is sooo silky and smooooth. I've been using this shampoo and conditioner for years now and I can't find anything better than this! So if any of you ladies have problem with getting their hair silky and healthy, you know what to get it now ! =)

Lucido-L Styling Glamorous Hair Wax ( pink tube $16 ) is probably for someone who doesn't really know how to style their hair and doesn't like their hair to be all sticky and chunky. WELL, that's ME. lol. I personally don't like to style my hair because i dont' know how and I like my hair to be simple. I also don't like hair spray, gel, mousse and wax because I dont' like the stickness of my hair. But this product doesn't do any of that! You ONLY need a dime size of this to style your hair. This stuff is NOT sticky at all and with a little amount of wax, it literally does your hair fabulous. This wax doesnt even feel like a wax but it feels like a moisturizer. YEA, its that liquidy for a wax. The only thing that I don't like about it is that It doesn't have a good smell to it (or doesnt smell like anything). To me, it smells like a mascara if that even describes the smell lol. But seriously, try this

Finally, to the makeup products! (this part will be extremely long):

Naris egg shell facial peeling pack ($16 white tube shown on the first two picture above) helps remove blackheads AND makes the skin smoother and of course healthier! I've only tried this once and I loved it. I usually use this for my nose area since I have a major issue with my blackheads. It really does make a difference. The only thing that I dont like about this is that it's wayyyyy too sticky that you really need to be careful when you do your whole face especially don't put it over your hair cause it will ripppppppp your hair off lol.

Clinique exfoliating scrub ($17.50) is probably something that I won't purchase again. It didn't really "exfoliate" enough for my skin. Plus I feel that it's too thick and hard on my skin that I wouldn't want to do it more than once a week. The only thing that I like about this is that when I put it on my face it gives me that cool feeling. Again, I'm only writing about how it went with my skin. But who knows, this might work better on you.

Mandom makeup remover ($14) removes your makeup literally in 1 minute although I don't wear a lot of makeups. You really don't have to rub it real hard to remove your makeup and that's what I like about it. ALSO, it's not oily! It feels just like a skin toner! =) Before, after I remove my eye makeups, it hurts my eye area because I HAVE to rub it hard to remove it and because of that my eyes would've had wrinkles very fast. I recommend this too all the ladies that loves makeup and also LOVEEE their skin =)

(that's how much it came off after a wipe)

Sheseido "Water In Lip" chapstick in Mint ($12) is THE MIRACLE! YOU ALL SHOULD GET THIS!! Especially during this cold season, you know your lips need to be moisturized 24/7. This stuff is amazing and you will not regret buying this. It moisturizes your lip right when you put it on. And it gives you that cool feeling with it. RECOMMEND IT!!
NARS Pressed Powder in Mountain($29) for a "deep yellow undertones for a medium to deep skin tones" I really needed a new powder to use after I use my foundation. I really like this powder because it feel very light when I put it on and I think it's the best color that matches with my skin tone. So if you're someone that doesn't wear too much makeup but need a little coverage? this might do you good. But, I might want to try something better next time I purchase my powder because I really want a PERFECT powder (whatever that means) lol.

MAC, Bobbi Brown and NARS blush (left to right $29, $40, $25) is my 3 top favorite blushes now! I love all of their stuff. MAC MSF(mineralized skin finish) in Petticoat has a pink-ish light brown-ish shimmery color and i think it's absolutely beautiful. Bobbie Brown Shimmer Brick Compact in Bronze is my favorite bronzer out of all my bronzers that I have. It has the light-ish gold shimmery color and it goes well on any season ! I've been wearing this almost everyday. Lastly, NARS "highlighter" in Nico has a vanilla(?) beige shimmery color and its perfect for contouring your face!

MAC paint pots and NARS Luminizer (left to right $16.50, $37) has all the great colors. I got MAC paint pots in Bare Study and Painterly. I wear them most of the time and I love it and I want to buy more paint pots. I got NARS luminizer in St.barts (thanks pink!) for contouring my face.

Dior Concealer Palette ($39 only at Sephora Website) is probbaly the best concealer I've ever had. It's because there are 4 colors that I can mix it to get the right color for my skin tone. It's a bit dry for my skin but I use it with the NYX "As if" concealer stick which is moisturized so it balances out. If you have hard time finding a right color for a concealer, this is the one for you.
Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil($16) is so easy to use. You don't have to press hard to line your eyes. It's not that dry as the other eye liner and it doesnt smudge so easily. But next time I buy a eye liner, I think I will try the Make Up For Ever eye liner.

Ok, I pretty much spent about 3 hours to write and take pictures (Im STILL not used to this blog). So, the stuff I bought today will be my next post.

Until then, enjoy and I hope this was helpful and fun!

Stay beautiful ladies =)



DSKNguyen said...

DAMN!! Your swatches are niceee.
I didn't know Sheseido had chapstick! I so want that! Nor did I know they had shampoo and conditioner!

What did you buy today?? HURRY UP AND POST!!!

I'm addicted!

M said...

great haul! i use the same shampoo/conditioner! I switched over about 3 weeks ago and LOVERS it! You got a lot of good stuff woot!

Emeria said...

ughh i wish i could haul like that..damn the holiday season..well not really cuz I LOOOOOOOOVE the HOLIDAYS!! BUT

my weekend was ok :[..i was an emotional case who ate chocolate any chance i got..nice right? stupid monthly bill..i wish i wasn't a girl sometimes

*Nehs* said...

nice haul!

Katrina said...

thanks for visiting my blog. awesome haul! and we have the same camera! yey! hehe.. what color do u have?

Jen said...

GAH! I'm jealous! I don't have any big japanese stores around me. Just one little one that carries some Shiseido s/c's. I got the white Tsubaki and I love it!

Ooooh I desparately want Lucido wax! Pink sold out so I'm going to have to wait.. BUMMER!

Lovely haul!

Janelle said...

Hey there! Jen sent me your page because I was talking about taking a trip to Chicago. Now I really want to go so I can go to Mitsuwa. LOL!

Nice haul! I use the Tsubaki treatment & I love it! I might have to switch to the shampoo & conditioner too.

fuzkittie said...

Yayy great photos! :D I love the haul, love Tsubaki, it smells heavenly~

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sweet comment girl!! I can't wait for my next post too! Until then, I'll be reading all your updates!! hehe

This post makes me want to go buy buy buy!

Katrina said...

lol yes i have the pink one. i bought it online at circuit city. cause the stores i visited in cali didn't have the pink one only the red so i searched online. :) we have the coolest camera! :D

Kimberly Tia said...


and your swatches are freggin FABULOUS!!!

imma have to try that shampoo and conditioner now, i always see it at my local marukai, but this has me wanting it.

i had to re-add ya again to my subbies list, I think when I changed my layout, I had lost ya in the big switcheroo!

but im baaaaaaaaaack bebeh!

xppinkx said...

Hello pretty lady!

now that is what i call a HAUL babe!!!

im glad that you LOve the wax wave told you it gave you VAVOOOOm and sex hair!!!

paperdollrevenge said...

Wow that's quite a haul!!! I love MAC and look at all the NARS goodies you got, very nice! =)

Kylie said...

very nice haul :) loved all the pictures!

Glow Chaser said...

oooooh Nice haulage!!!

The red tsubaki is my fav!! It smells so good.

PamCakes said...

I'm so jealous...I really need me a new camera myself. But great haul :)

M said...

hey love! ok the laura geller sale is online too! use check out code; baked08


enjoy! I won't be getting anything though :P

ilovewendydarling said...

"Water in lip" ! I need to give that a try:) I hate chappy-cracked lips:(


Jen said...

I tagged yoU! Check out my blog! =)

Digital Angel said...

It is such a big haul !! Lots of goodies :) But I was more into your hair bands :) I love the plaid one, I have almost same one, I love hair band!!!! you can check out my hair accessories if you want :)