Saturday, November 29, 2008

[ shOrt uPdate ]

First, I'd like to thank all the beautiful ladies for the lovely messages and helping me to learn this whole blogging thing!
Seeing all the interesting and helpful blogs, it makes me wanna update and share my stuff with you all. Even though I'm not a professional make-up artist or knows enough about make-up, I believe that everyone finds a new, interesting and helpful tips from each other. Yea? =)

Anyways, So I have been wanting to update for the longest time. HOWEVER, I totally forgot that my digital camera is broken and I am looking for a new one! So Pleaseeee, if there's a digital camera that you have or you would like to recommend me, let me know =)

OH, So i was supposed to talk about my Sephora packages that I got about 2weeks ago. The package itself was very disappointing to me. I didnt get my 6 free samples that I've asked. Instead, I got a lot of colognes. WTF rite? I'm a girl and I was expecting a girl product AT LEAST but they're sending me a guy stuff? How aweful is that. *RAWR*

So in my package, I got my Guerlain Parure Aqua Radient Feel-Good Liquid Foundation & DIOR Concealer Palette (Thanks to xppinkx)

For my foundations/powders, it's always hard for me to find a right color if i order it online. and of course, I got the WRONG COLOR. ugh... I opened it and tried a little bit on my hand and it was literally like a chocolate color on my skin. LOL...I guess I DO suck at picking out colors BIG TIME. But I've learned my lesson (sort of..heheheheeh). But except the color, I do like the feel of it. It's very hydrating and goes on very smoothly. It's a bit pricey but to me, price shouldn't matter SO MUCH for all of my make-up and ESP. Skin Care products.

I went back to Sephora to return my foundation and got my money back. I was lazy to go back online and order and wait another week to get it. So instead, I'm using my Givenchy Fluid Foundation with SPF 20. But I'll write about that next time.

My other and last product that came with the foundation, Dior Concealer Palette was worth it. Since it's always been hard to find the right color for my skin, using the Dior concealer palette, i can mix the colors to find the perfect color. I do have to say that it's a bit dry for my skin but I only use it on my blemishes right after I apply my foundation (when your skin is moisturized).

So overall, my sephora package was OK because of my samples, came REALLLLLY late (it should've taken about 2~3 days) and because i picked the wrong color which was my fault. hehe..

SO Ladies! when you order a foundation/powder, please be careful and spend enough time to choose the right color for you ! =)


OH, I went to chicago for a night right before thanksgiving day. I got to chicago extremely late and didn't have time to shop because everywhere was closing BUT SEPHORA (it's meant to be hehehehe). So I ran into buy my goodies and I picked out 4 things within 5minutes ($151). *sigh*

But it was something that I've been wanting to buy even though I should've thought more before I bought them. I will WRITE with MORE DETAILS about them next time.

I'm hoping to buy camera as soon as I figure out which one to buy. When I get it, I'll update update and UPDATE =)

Thanks for stoppin by <3>


DSKNguyen said...

I loved the post! hehe and it's my fault you picked the wrong foundation

I can't wait to for you to get a new camera and post pics of all your goodies :)

M said...

hi there!
the dior palette is pretty awesome :)

i didn't get anything during black friday! :(

Jen said...

Thanks for subscribing! =)

Hmm, why don't you try getting color matched? Visit a makeup counter, and have a prof. do it. MAC is really good with color matching my skin tone.

Good luck with the foundation!

fuzkittie said...

Hey Beeeeautiful~ :D

Thanks for the sweet comment! Look forward to more of your posts~