Sunday, January 4, 2009

[Quick Update]

Quick Update on my life :

1.) I'm single. These days have been extremely tough. That's the only reason why I haven't been on to blog. I'm sorry ladies for slacking off but I guess I need my time to find myself again. I need to be ok and want to be ok first. 2009 is here and I didn't want to start with all this... It's too much for me to handle all this by myself.. Please pray for me..

2.) Thank you for the help ladies. I finally bought my Louis Vuitton wallet. It was around $710 with tax included. I think it was worth it overall. I just need to make sure that I don't lose it anymore.

3.) I ONCE AGAIN lost a few things. My NEW Sony camera and my Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses. It is nowhere to be found. I can understand why I keep losing things... *sigh*

4.) I bought 2 more of La Mer stuff. I wish La Mer was a bit cheaper ..hehe.

I hope all the ladies had a good new year's day with your friends & family.

Jennifer -


fuzkittie said...

Yay you got the LV! :]

M said...

<3 hugs!

everything will be ok!

yay to the LV wallet

xppinkx said...


GIRL I LOOSE SHIT ALL THE TIME...and what really pisses me off is the lucky fucker who finds it...take this "me" time to reflect on yourself and all that good stuff...i wish i were single at times...but when i need a cup of juice or a cookie....then i realize what men are good for...cheer up kid...

and u better not loose 710 dollas....yay for louie!!!!


Janelle said...

Hey there! I'm sorry you got off on a rough start in 2009. Break-ups are never easy, but I'm sure you'll pull through stronger than ever. Here's to making 2009 a good year. It can only get better! :)

Yay for your new wallet!

DSKNguyen said...

I love you J.Yo :)

I'm glad you got the LV wallet! I knew how much you wanted it ;)

ning * star said...

dear,hope your heart heal very soon.God bless U.

2009 will be better.Life is full of hardships,a journey for us to learn.Although we may get hurt, is all a process which mould you become a better person.

Cheer up!

Ahleessa said...

I'm sorry to hear about your breakup! I'm sure things will get better and take your time with the "me" stage. We all need it *hugs*!

AnneNguyen said...

i want to grab an lv wallet too! the multicolor with the buckle.. probably will sooon.. haha..

i lose shit too! sometimes i lose hundreds of dollars.. and weeks later i find it somewhere .. hahah its really wierd.

Jen said...

the year will only get better for you! PROMISE!

it's okay, i lost my husby's sony camera while we were snowboarding. i cried for awhile cause i felt sooo bad... OH GAH!

time to focus on you! take care of yourself

DSKNguyen said...

Woman! Check out this blog's like amazing.. my jaw dropped..I couldn't believe it was the same girl..!!!

Ok, researching facial places now.


DSKNguyen said...

Have you tried Lambrusco? that is the best wine ever!!

Anyhow...I found this website on to not get tricked into paying for more..or buying extra it!

It's goooood,

DSKNguyen said... need to come online. I miss chatting with you. I feel so sad lately in the dorm. All the people around me are so young, and I feel like an old woman.

Hanif said...

Amazing Blog

please Vist,

Kimberly Tia said...

Muahzzzzzzz Beautiful Lady

Hang in there babe, it's a new year, time to make the best of it - and smile smile smile!!!

and OoOOo LV, a girl always needs to treat herself to something she's always desired. Major satisfaction points there!

xppinkx said...

come back to blooging BOOTIE!!!

i miss you!!!

I LOVE YOU said...