Monday, May 11, 2009

[ Gone ]

hello ladieeees !

Just wanted to let you know that ...

Tomorrow, I am headed out to PA for a week.
I will be driving there with my mom to help my brother move out..


It will be a 12hrs drive.

Wish me luck.
Because I will be the only one driving since my mom's not comfortable driving on a highway.

I am taking my labtop but don't know if I'll have the access to use the internet since I don't exactly know what the schedule is going to be.

I will try my best to check my emails and reply back to you whenever I get a chance !

But I will miss you alllllll..

I will make sure to come back with lots of goodies (LOL) and pictures !

I hope you ladies have a wonderful weeeek.
Smile. Stay beautiful ! =)

I'll leave you with many many old pictures I've found from my other computer..


I believe this was my senior year in high school.

Perfect glasses to study with =p

Las Vegas trip with my ex roomie

San Francisco

Senior Picture


Las Vegas. Look at them..*drooool*

Las Vegas MGM lobby

In Japan. I got up early because of the earthquake !!!
But it was funny afterwards(?) ...LMAO

Halloweeeeeeeen with my buddy, Ken

ISO Soccer tournament ceremony with the President of FSU

I hope you're not sick of me after seeing all these pictures



Katrina said...

drive safe hun! enjoy your week wit the fam. take care! we'll miss yah! muahhh!

Askmewhats said...

have a safe trip! :) nice photos :) take care!

sanniet said...

have fun!!! I'll miss you >_< boo who will I talk to now! lol Have a safe trip! and I hope you won't be too tired since you're the only one driving! better get a lot of rest before hand! and I hope you're not sick anymore bleh.

OHh pictures!!! haha I love the japan one! you looked shocked lol "OMG what just happened?!?!" haha <3 very cute!!! You look really cute with wavy hair!!!

ekimura said...

good luck on the driving and the long trip XP

you will be so misses~!! :D

May said...

drive safely. we'll miss you!

Catherine said...

Drive safely and good luck with moving!! Cute pics! =)

Beauty Snap said...

Drive safely!! Hope you're getting a lot of rest and feeling better from your illness.
You look so cute in the pic with the sheet over your head! Time flies by so quickly.. ;(
Anyway, take care and I'll miss you!

Ahleessa said...

Seeing pictures of you, how cute! :)

donnarence said...

have a safe and fun trip. :D

izumi said...

TWELVE HOURS! wowww.. good luck. i almost fell asleep driving for 2, hahahaha. eeek!

been missing your posts! i love seeing your face :) hehehe. so pretty!

PinkyKathy said...

this is really nice, seems you have great time. ^_^

Iyah said...

ahaha! The pics of you are just too adorable :) I hope you well in driving! :D I don't like long driving that much. Its so tiring :(

wuzzyangel said...

Drink lots of caffine! And take as many rest stops as needed!! We'll miss you!! :)

Yo're soo cute in all these old pics!! I really like your senior portrait!

Jamilla Camel said...

You are so adorable and kawaii!

Good luck with the moving and the long drive!

Lisa said...

Your photos are so cute and natural! Be careful while you're driving!

MiuMiu said...

you look cute in your pictures =)
be careful while you're driving!!! esp if you drive at night! i went on a road trip to NYC once in the middle of the night (so i could get there at 10am for immediate shopping) and there was a suddeny burst of thick fog on the highway! it wasn't me driving but it was still so freaky!

Anonymous said...

Have a good time for PA! ;)

Janelle said...

Have a safe drive, Jen! Eeks 12 hours! Can't wait til you return with all your goodies hehe. :) Take care, hun!

P.S. Did you see my latest post? I'm reppin' DSK! =P Per your instructions. hehehe.

chunkee munkee said...


Anonymous said...

good luck on the drive!!! that's a long one!!

love the old pics and you should post more of those

fuzkittie said...

Good luck on your trip!! Aww such cute photos, love your smile!! :]

Janelle said...

Ooops. Even though I know you'll be gone for a while, just wanted to let you know I tagged/awarded you on my blog! You've already been tagged by this one, but I don't care! =P Thanks for being there for me. <333

Bunnie said...

I adored those pictures of you, more please!!!! I've missed you, I hope you're feeling normal again and not ill. Drive safe, please! Have a fun trip as well! I'll talk to you soon! :D XOXOXO

Pop Champagne said...

12 hours! What a long drive!! Drive safe :D

DSK said...

aww so fun to see old pics!! I can't wait to see more!

Have a safe trip hunnie bunnie!!


See you when you get back!


Kasumi said...

Dang girl! i wish you luck toooo!
I have your number so I can stalk you while you are driving hahaha
I LOVE ALL YOUR PICTURES! memory lane :)

kylie said...

wowww 12 hours! drive safe hun!

Giovanna said...

Your blog is very cute!! I love it! I'm following you now.
If you wish to visit my blog, here is my link:

mayaari said...

that's a looooong drive - hope you got to PA safe & sound!

haha that first pic is so's like "I'm eating, see?"

✿Ji✿ said...

Drive save hun!♥

Ahh Jihee sounds so much more feminine than Jiyoun (I even know boys with that name XD)!

By the way the XXL sunglasses are awesome! I wanna try them on!;PPP

M said...

LOVE the pics!

can you quite possibly drive from PA to NYC? :P

Anastacia said...

Sooo funny pistures! Very cool trip :) You're pretty!

audrey said...

i love the pictures, thanks for sharing them,you're so lucky haha^^

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