Tuesday, May 5, 2009

[Swap with Mika *Beauty Snap*]

wasss~uP ? =p
i've missssssed you allllll !
it's my final exam week and ive been living with Redbull & Starbucks.

Let me tell you..
Redbulls DOES give wings

Early April, I was reading through Mika's blog and mentioned that she purchased this Japanese Hair Velcro.

Now, i've seen this ALOT from ms.Fuz =p
Everytime I see it from other peoples blog, I think of it as Fuz's mascot LOL

Last time I went to Chicago with Steph, I could not find it anywhere in Mitsuwa..
I've always wondered where I could get them and Mika had bought them in Mitsuwa!!

I officially don't like Mitsuwa in Chicago.
LOL =p

I told Mika that I was super jealous that she found it at Mitsuwa.

She was kind enough to ask me if I wanted her to buy it for me =)

So we e-mailed back and forth and ended up being a swap.

tada~ <3

this girl is super organized and always on time for anything!
she even had the confirmation number so that we could both track on our packages.

What's inside ?

Love Note
*CUTie* Japanese magazine
(it also came with this cute pencil case thingy LOL)
Hair Velcro <3
DHC face masks
Samples of face,hair stuff & perfume & mascara
Victoria's Secret Coupon

this girl definitely spoiled me!

I basically finished the yummies as soon as I got it

But I didnt get a chance to try the samples she sent me.

my new holy grail ~~~

this stuff is super cool !
ive been using it everytime I put on my skincare stuff or when I do my makeup.

I definitely recommend allllll of you to get it !
I heard its super cheap too =D



Askmewhats said...

Yes, I always think about FUZ when I see the velcro thingy too!!! LOL wonderful swap you got there :) Goodluck with exams :)

sanniet said...

yay!!! LOl its so true that is like Fuz' mascot! she always has it on haha <3

Beauty Snap said...

Yay! You posted our swap hehehe :)
You make the products look really cool with your cute zebra print furniture LOL
I'm so glad you like everything~ Btw did that VS coupon expire, hope you were able to get a free undie haha
If you ever need something from Mitsuwa, let me know!! I practically live there x) Love you <3

Jenn said...

Nice swap =D

I did find the velcro thing at mitsuwa too but it was in a weird spot-near the bottom of a display that had eyelash curlers and other beauty tools.

Good luck with exam week!

ning * star said...

nice swap. I love that pink hair thingy too. haha xD. whoo, is magazine, so nice and lovely!

Bunnie said...

I am definitely getting that, I've been lemming it as well. heheh :D Good luck on finals! XOXOXO

A. Rose said...

Ooo. I think I need that. Bobby pins don't work for my unruly bangs anymore! Too bad it's probably not available here in VA! :(

Great swap!

ekimura said...

ohh nice swap!! MIKA is a SWEETIE! I was looking for that hair clip at mitsuwa I couldnt find it I think it was sold out LOL :P

Whit said...

great swap- hey do you want me to snd you a sample of the missha bb cream before you buy it? if so just email me hun: whitneykrainock@gmail.com

donnarence said...

that velcro thingy is soo cool!! nice swap.. :D

M said...

ahhh the dariya hair velcro! nice

izumi said...

huhhhh i sort of want to try those velcro things too! hahaha guess i better go look at my mitsuwa xD nice swap though<3

Anastacia said...

Gorgeous stuffs!
Very lovely magazines!

EbeautyBlog said...

I saw several girls scoring the hair velcro. Totally want one. I bet ebay have it. hehe.

Audrie said...

I have that Dariya hair sheet too! I just got it, it's so awesome haha best invention ever :P

kylie said...

i want one tooo! hopefully my mitsuwa has one ><

wuzzyangel said...

Nice swap! :) Look at the extra goodies! And a mag too?! Wow!!

psst... email me your mailing addy! wuzzyangel@yahoo.com

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

lovely swap!! i have the velcro too, its very convenient and cool xD

fuzkittie said...

Hahaha my mascot!! That's awesome! xD

mayaari said...

love the hair velcro - so much better than bobby pins or a headband, esp on wet hair :) Mika included some awesome extras! Hope the rest of your exams go well!

evie said...

new skin?...like the colour!

aquaracer said...

haha, you're like fuz now..i like that it's pink!! lol. <33 g'luck on your finals!

chunkee munkee said...

nice swap!and i LOVE the hair velcro, i live in chicago, where is that MITSUWA store?

PowderPuffGirl said...

great swap! i love the velcro thingy too! hehe

-Yu- said...

You have that hair velcro! everyone's been getting that. I need to get one too.

MiuMiu said...

the velcro is definitely useful, why didn't they come out with that earlier? i keep forgetting that i have a pair too so it's just collecting some dust now.
i've never tried redbull..what does it taste like?
congrats to fuz on the contest! and thanks for having the contest =D

InnovativeEssence said...

Where can we find those hair velcro thingy's????

DSKNguyen said...

i love the site!!

I can't read the girl's comments tho! They blend in with the background color, is it just me?

InnovativeEssence said...

The only japanese store I know of in Oregon or locally is called Uwajimaya?? I think thats how you spell it..... But yea... I'll check it out online....Thanks...


Janelle said...

I've been wondering about those velcro hair thingys! I want one! But I don't know where to get it where I live. Blah!

Nice swap! Good luck with the rest of your finals, hun. Pretty soon you'll be able to relax & breathe easy! YaY!

Blair said...

Yup, the hair velcro is really very useful!

Belle Du Jour said...

love your blog!
come stop by mine to say hello and have a look around.

xx Belle

May said...

great swap=)

Ahleessa said...

Nice swap girl! I love the hair fringe... hehe~

Nu Nu Doll said...

Omg I want one of those thingys too! They look soo cool and omg I want one so I can be cool just like Fuz! lol I love the new layout you have btw! :) Have a great weekend lovely!


oh man i'm out of the loop. what is that velcro thing and what does it do?

kylie said...

when i see that hair velcro i think of fuz too! haha :)

mzkrystall said...

oOOO cuute stuffs! and btw, whats that pink thing in the end of your blog used for?

Emily said...

cute stuffs that u got :] u lucky girl :D i really like ur blog <3 the hair thingie is really cool, been seeing it around everywhere , pink ! a pretty color