Saturday, May 23, 2009

[BB Cream Review: Skin 79 & Korean Cosmetics]

hellloo loveees .

I'm going to do a review on 2 BB Creams that I've just purchased.

Skin79 Diamond Collection
"The Prestige"


Korean Cosmetics Ultra


I loveeee the packaging of Skin79 product because it's pink and shiny.
I know many girls loveeee pink and shiny things =)
It also has a little pump to use (veryyy convinient)

On the other hand,
I do not like the packing of Korean Cosmetic product because it looks really cheap and it's in a tube.

Take a look at these picture:
You can definitely see the difference between these two.
Skin79 product is veryy easy to blend where as the Korean cosmetic product feels cakey.

Blend Blend Blend ~~

I basically tried both products this morning
(washed my face TWICE LOL)


How do I feel about it ?


I personally did not like this product because it didn't give enough coverages for my blemishes and acne scars.
This might be an excellent one for someone that doesn't need a lot of coverage and wants a super natural look. I couldnt' tell that I had anything on my face after using it.

Skin79 "The Prestige"
I personally like this product and it's something that I would definitely re-purchase again. It felt very light for my skin and yet gave me enough coverage. This will also be one of the product that I'll use daily for a natural/easy look. The only thing that I didn't like about this was that it was a bit pricey.

FOTD using the Skin79 "Prestige"



izumi said...

oh hello gorgeous<3 thanks for the review. wish it didn't cost so much, otherwise i'd be tempted to snag one! oh well, i can add it to my wishlist haha xD

Beauty Snap said...

Hi Jenn!
Ooh, nice reviews :)
I agree, I like how the skin79 has more coverage.. You know the pink skin79 one that you sent me, I love that one!! It smells so nice too. I think skin79 is really nice, equal to the l'egere one I just bought.

DSK said...

Great reviews as always, i love the last pic! it's my fav current pic of you ;)

had so much fun with you today!! before oli and after oli ;)


kawaiikao said...

thanks for the reviews!

sanniet said...

aghh bb creams! the pink one looks GREAT on you!!! <3 I MISS YOU =(

Askmewhats said... your skin on the Skin 79 Prestige!! Your skin is sooo glowy!!!

Blair said...

The BB cream from Skin79 has a pink tint, it really brightened your face!

clothes said...

Hi...where can u purchase skin79 bb cream in malaysia...any shop selling it...thanx!

✿Ji✿ said...

Ah your skin looks so flawless!♥

Amanda's Sunshine said...

Thanks for the great review =)

Old Cow said...

Super review!! I have tried a couple of skin79 BBs and they dont like my face!! WHY!!!!

Catherine said...

Thanks for the reviews! I'm interested in switching to a liquid for wintertime, but there are so many different BB creams it's so overwhelming sometimes lol. I think the Prestige one looks absolutely fabulous on you. =)

fuzkittie said...

The skin79 looks so good on you!! Too bad it was so grey on me

kylie said...

the prestige bb cream looks wonderful on you! and what acne scars?! i dont see any! ;p

wuzzyangel said...

Nice review Jen!! Isn't that always the case though.. the one you like is the more $$ one!

THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR MY LOVE!!! You're too sweet & you spoiled me!! I love all the cute pencils & stationary! And candy! Samples!! You're gonna get it later for sure!

mayaari said...

The Skin79 does look nicer on you - don't you hate it when the more expensive product looks/works better? =P

MiuMiu said...

your skin looks amazing!
wow, that's one expensive bb cream

Pop Champagne said...

thanks for the review! You got awesome skin :D

Anonymous said...

great review!! i wish i can try out more bb cream but i'm just too dark for it! =(

ning * star said...

aww..the skin79 bb cream is soo expensive. the price should be around usd30-35. however, it works great on you!

aquaracer said...

you look so pretty, sweets!! i've missed ya.

yeah, the skin79 looks better on u (perfect coverage and looks so natural!). but eeeek, a lil steep for bb! haha.

Ketmany said...

i want a bb cream. thanks for the review. i've been looking into skin 79

*xen said...

thanks for the review, i was actually contemplating getting the skin79 bb cream (: you have such good skin!
i read from your older posts that youre a fan of lush? i was wondering if you could give me some tips on which cleansers to pick- im deciding between farma fresh and aquamarina as i have really sensitive skin which is breaking out like crazy! also did you get to try out the chocolate mask?

M said...

how's my lovely lady doing?
very much agree with you about the skin79 packaging being very pretty :)

Karen said...

hey lovely lady
what a great review by the way you have such flawless skin :)


wow your skin looks flawless in that last picture.

Janelle said...

Skin79 looks great on you! Thanks for the review. :)

-Yu- said...

it looks gorgeous on you! it gives our a healthy glow on you. Man, if only bb creams aren't so pricey!

Narita said...

What a great review, hun! Very helpful! Love your blog layout as well!

cynthia said...

Hi. you are doing well with your blog. Love to read and see more pictures of the artwork. tks

wehaveit43 said...

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Emily said...

thanks for the bb creams review it really helps :D

Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

Love your review! It makes me want to buy Skin79's BB cream, too!! ^^

Anonymous said...

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alfrhnsby said...

Good Product
Hope more Product..!

Jessica said...

Hello Friend
Thank you for shar good products.
Now a days i am using CM Complex Skin Cream. I bought it from an online store. I think it is best of our skin.
Do you know about it?

Mischievous Mack said...

I love love love the Skin79 bb creams! If you are looking for it cheaper check out, its usually half the price of retail! And they ship world wide!

Pamelastewart said...

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Allina said...

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Madiha said...

Greattt look! :)
Just started the blogging business myself, would love if u checked out my blog and followed if u like :)


Steph said...

OMG you paid $50 for the skin 79 diamond bb cream =0
price aside, this was an short but informative review on the 2 bb creams =D
&& you look amazing with diamond on~