Friday, March 13, 2009

[ Chicago Haul pt.2 ]

Hey lovely ladies =)

I said that I was going to finish talking about my chicago haul today so here I am!

While I was in Chicago, I was SUPER SUPER excited going to Mitsuwa market to buy many many Japanese cosmetics. Mistsuwa had absolutely nothing but their shampoo and hair wax... barely makeup stuff..


But then..I was already there and I thought I should buy at least 1 thing. lol..
yea..when i go to any type of store, I HAVE to buy at least 1 thing. hehe

Here's what I got :
Shiseido "Water in Lip" chapstick
CoenRich Q10 White Deep Moisture Hand&Finger cream by Kose
Unicharm cotton pads (2packs for $6 including tax!!!!)

I've tried the hand cream and the chapstick. I ALWAYS love Shiseido chapsticks. If Mitsuwa market is close to where you are? you should definitely get it. =)

and OoOoOo the handcream!!! I loveeeeeeee the feel of it. It doesn't smell like anything almost but my hands are extremely soft after I put them on.
special thanks to Fuzkittie
for telling all the blogger ladies about it!
I can't wait to get more when I visit chicago again!

I am going to use my new cotton pads tonight when I remove my makeup!
I will definitely let you guys know if I like it or not. =)


I went to korean market for some grocery shopping and thought that I should visit THEFACESHOP since it was in the same building (good excuse right? =p )
They didn't have any new stuff but I picked out SOME stuff.. lol..

Remember, I'm always insterested in trying new skincare stuff =)

So here's what I got :
Face Masks
Seaweed Pack
Egg White Pack
"Beautiful Jeong Yeon" (Oriental Herb Cleansing Oil Gel)

I pretty much tried all different kinds of face masks that THEFACESHOP have. So far? I love all of them especially the rice kind. I use this once a week. It really does make my face moisturized and smooth !!

Oh, and the Cleansing Oil Gel ?
It seemed a bit weird to me using this at first.. but my makeup does come off really well ! It smells nice too !!
I will try to take a picture of me using

That is it for my haul !!
I hope you guys liked it.

For next couple days, I will be trying those Seaweed&Egg White packs and see how much I like them.

Blogger ladies that asked for a sample of "Angels on Bare Skin",
xoannie & Janelle
Send me your name&address on my e-mail (you can find my e-mail add on my profile)
I will be glad to send you ladies a sample of it. But don't expect a big package from me !! there will be a little surprise with it but don't know what they will be yet. lol.


Katrina & Askmewhats
It seems that you ladies might be insterested in trying them as well !
If you could let me know your address, I will be glad to send you ladies a sample as well !! =)

alright ladies,
I am logging out for the night !
Good night ladies



DSKNguyen said...

YOU JUST POSTED!! Get a C-Box dear!

Reading now, just wanted to say a quick blog hello :D

DSKNguyen said...

umm..where are the pictures of the ferragamos?!

M said...

angels on bare skin is a must share hahaha. i love that stuff!

MiuMiu said...

funny thing...faceshop is at like every corner in korea, but i've only been in it once XD

Anonymous said...

love the new goodies

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

ohh i have the same cotton pads as you!! theyre dirt cheap but very good quality!! nice mask haul!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

oh thanks for following me. im going to follow you back!

ilovewendydarling said...

OOOO! Pomegranate face mask! AH! Sounds heavenly:]

Kasumi said...

I wish they had a faceshop here in tx or at least SHIPPED to tx. I'm pretty sad about it!

Iyah said...

Ohhh that's a lot of goodies!! You've been shopping! Yay!!

Ive never really tried lush. I heard it works great :)

I have not used my compact yet.. hahah :)

Ahleessa said...

Nice haul! I'm loving all the Asian products... hehe~

kawaiikao said...

whoo hoo i love hauls!

Glow Chaser said...

I have always wanted to try soem faceshop stuff then Mona sent me some....I will try my stuff out soon!!

The oil gel sounds interesting indeedy!