Sunday, March 22, 2009


hello ladies..
I cannot believe my precious weekend has gone and school starts again!!

I've beeen super sick and been to the hospital 4times this week..

I'm probably the stupidest girl EVER.

Guess what I did?

well..when I went to the hospital, my doctor have told me that I had MONONUCLEOSIS, also known as "kissing disease" (not that it has anything to do with
So she gave me this medication to take for a week..
The medication was to heal my swollen throat and make you sleep well at the same time..
I came home for the weekend and was looking forward to get enough sleep on my comfy bed..

On Friday night, I took 2 pills of my medication because I wanted to sleep WELL and my throat was getting worse. I thought my doctor told me that it was ok for me to take 2pills at once.

What happened to me on saturday ?

I was EXTREMELY drowsy and slept 19hrs straight...
My mom tried to wake me up but I couldn't keep myself awake..
Later that day, I kept throwing up NOTHING but water..(gross i know)
I knew I wanted to eat something but couldn't eat anything solid...
So guess what I had? Of course, BABY FOOD =)
But yea..that didn't go so well either...sigh*
I knew something was wrong my mom took me to the ER that night..

What was wrong with me?

I OVERDOSED on my medication..
I can't believe myself..
What was I thinking ?
Even on my prescription bottle says "DO NOT TAKE 2 at once"... yea,
that was my weekend..
I feeling a lot better today...
I lost 3lbs in
but my face look gross rite now..

tonight, i think im going to do some Seaweed face pack..

hope you ladies had an wonderful weekend.


sanniet said...

omg! I hope you're okay now...Thats pretty scary >_< medication is a scary thing...better start reading the labels!!! hehe my weekend was really dull except going to sephora and movies hehe

fuzkittie said...

Awww I'm sorry you got so sick! Good thing you're doing better.

WOW your uncle owns Anne Klein??? That's amazing!!! Hahaha. Wow that'd be really cool if you could ask around for me! ^^ You're too sweet. TY!!!

xoannie said...

Oh my god, you overdosed? Thank the heavens you're alright! I would've been soo scared!

And ugghhh I agree with you about school. I don't wanna GO!!!!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

hope you're ok!! get well sooon! thanks for adding me on twitters :)

Ahleessa said...

I'm sorry you got sick. I hope you feel better soon!

DSKNguyen said...

J.Yo! I can't believe you're that sick :( It makes me friend Vince was also in the hospital for a virus..what's wrong with DSK's friends!! AHHH

Well you feel better, and you better call me or text if you need anything, okay?

miss cakeface said...

oh no, mono... rest up and get better soon! let me know how the shiseido one is. you're not trying the basic, right? i was thinking about trying the volumizing one but mebbi next time. i might try dior show next.

MiuMiu said...

oh no! but good thing you feel a lot better now =)

Jamilla Camel said...

You poor thing! I picked up Mono on an AIRPLANE on the way home from Zurich when I was 35!! It's not just a teenage disease. My Dr. said I probably picked up just like a cold during the flight.

I went to my step aerobics class and starting feeling reallly strange. I then noticed I had huge lumps (lymph nodes) and went straight to the emergency room. A blood test confirmed Mono.

Fortunately, I was not bedridden--I only had a mild case, but I do know many people who were in capacitated for quite a long time.

Get rest and drink liquids!! Get well!

Janelle said...

Eeeks! Hope you feel better soon, girl! Mono & overdosing does not sound fun, but I'm sure you'll bounce back in no time. :)

cheryl said...

oh my lord: are u ok now???!!! i simply think most medications out there are way too strong for asian body types, which don't take dosage so well because we weigh less. gosh, u take care ok?

Beauty Snap said...

OMG I hope you are okay now! A friend of mine got mono three yrs ago and he didn't come to school for about a month.. Hopefully that won't happen to you and you will recover quickly!
On a good note, glad to hear that the foundation worked for you too! I'm not sure if I'm sticking to it tho. TY for the comment :)

M said...

Jen darling! i hope you get well soon. *hugs* take care of yourself!

VanityMakeup said...

Awww, i hope you're okay now!
All the best,


Glow Chaser said...

Feel better soon and no more overdosing!!! MWAH

miss cakeface said...

yup! love going to japan, love japanese fashion but proud to be korean! did u watch the game last night? >=[

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh. I hope you are doing fine now. Take care girlie!=]

ilovepink said...

oh no i hope u feel better! i love ur blog btw =D

Bunnie said...

OMG! You had just a horrific week, I'm glad you're okay though! That sounds so scary that you overdosed on your medication. You definitely should try Laura Mercier's shimmer blocs, I have to collect them all. haha Thank you for following by blog, sweetie! Get well!


snoshhie said...

awww... feel bettteerrr!!!!! <3

aichaku-愛着 said...

oh no!! take care! i hope you will be well soon.

Yas said...

Oh sweety....take care of yourself and get better soon. And be careful with the meds babes! Hugs hunnie!

Janelle said...

Have you been using the Lush Ocean Salt cleanser? I tried it last night & yikes! It felt pretty harsh on my skin. It is for the face right? Haha. My skin did feel really soft afterwards & it didn't break me out.. so that's good!

Ok, just wondering!

Kasumi said...

aww! i'm sorry that you're sick! I really hope you get better asap!

I still want to ship you some soup though lol. Do you have a stove in your dorm room?

eclecticsatire said...

Hey there, stumbled across your blog.

Hope you are feeling better now. Get well soon! I didn't know it was possible to overdose on 2 pills. That is some pretty strong medication.

Following your blog and twitter, hope ya don't mind! (:


Bunnie said...

Hello, sweetie! My bf actually found the deal for me haha. I don't know much about technology so I'm always like, is this good? hehehe You should definitely try Dior lippies, they are so pretty!! Packaging and all! Thank you for the birthday wishes to my mom! I hope you're feeling much better!! XOXO