Sunday, March 29, 2009

[Thank You]

Hi ladies <3

I hope you guys had a wonderful saturday!
I worked this morning and later in the afternoon, I was able to meet up with DSK, Stephanie to get our eyebrows threaded & MAC shopping =)

I always love hanging out with Steph..
But her & I at MAC store is always out of control !
But it was all worth it *LOVE*


I wanted to make a do a little thank you's to EVERYONE for all the LOVE & SUPPORT you all have been giving me.
It means a lot to me.
I won't write much about it..
But here's the video

This is my 1ST VIDEO and I was DAMN nervous =)
But whatever! Here it is :

(it OBVIOUSLY wasn't a short video LOL)

I usually don't talk that long.
I guess I got so emotional LOL!

but yea,
just showing a little love to everyone.



sanniet said...

awww your first video! You're a cutie <3 And thank you! For welcoming me in the beauty blogging world too <3

DSKNguyen said...

I'm starting the Beeyoutiful7 Fan Club, I'm so President, since you get to be President of so many organizations already =P!

And in reply to your video, no thank you! You have some killer reviews, and you are overall just awesome.

I love spending every second with you!
I can't wait for Chicago!!

Anonymous said...

haha ya TFS is available in my place. in fact, easily availble here XD

cheryl said...

i'm glad u had a great get-together with stephanie. thanks for this video!

ning * star said...

it is so fun that u can meet with other bloggers...
nice video... more more. I'm waiting <3
between brow threading pain?

Nu Nu Doll said...

Aww how lucky are you to see Steph!!! You're so adorable in your video, I can tell you're nervouse, but it's all good! Your eyebrows look great btw!

Beauty Snap said...

Thank you again Jen for commenting all the time!! I liked your video, you look cute--I would be so nervous too if I made a video.
I don't know if my local walgreens has faceshop products (I just found out I have a faceshop location near me in "korea town" of NJ). I want to go but lately I haven't got the time to T_T
How did you like love rock? Def. Laura M was better right? hehehe. I'm getting mine on Wednesday in Bloomies (I hope.)

Your eyebrows look awesome~

✿Ji✿ said...

Cute video!^^
Thx for visiting, I appreciate it!<3

Ahleessa said...

You're so cute! :)

Askmewhats said...

thanks for the love beauty!!! it's so sweet to see you on video!!!

Kimberly Tia said...

You're soooo cute I could just BITE'CHA!!!

and i loveeeeeee my bow shout out, it looks sooo darn cute on you girlie!!! hooooray!!
and looks like your influence worked on Steph too, because she just place her own order for some bows!!!
so go you my lil walking advertisement!!!


Keeeep on blogging and so glad to see you doing videos!!!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

aww what a cute video!! moreeee :)

Ladyfei♡ said...

cute vid! love ur french mannies, im too lazy to do mine haha.

pink fish is a nice color on lips but as a whole face it made my face look washed out =S

aquaracer said...'re so cute! more vids, pls. ahaha!

thanks for the love as also new to blogging so i really appreciate everyone here. glad to be a part of this blogosphere :)

M said...

you're such a sweetheart!

Katrina said...

i love you toooo! :) this is like an oscar thank u speech hehe. but honestly, u have an awesome blog. keep it up pretty. :)

izumi said...

doesn't matter how long it is.. it's definitely cute :D you talk a lot like steph! hahha. cute though :) i subscribed (via google reader).. can't wait to read more from you!

Kasumi said...

you are being so modest! You are the great one here!
aww I love it how you started loosening up like halfway through this vid! hehe'
Love the cute bows on you :)