Tuesday, March 17, 2009

[MAC HK & Gerber]

Hello ladies!

I was sooo happy with the weather today!
79 !! woohoo!!
I just hope that it only gets warmer from now. =)

good news!
I finalllly got my MAC package!!
Free shipping and it only took 4days to get here.

What did I get?
Hello Kitty Kouture Collection

Sheer Mystery Powder (Medium Plus)
Dazzleglass (Kitty Kouture)

Sadly, Dazzlepuss was all sold out.

Does anyone have Dazzlepuss?
If you do, let me know if you like the color

I didn't get to try the powder yet but I actually like the Dazzleglass..
I'm not a big fan of lipgloss because it seems tooo sticky for my lips.
but it wasn't too sticky as I expected.

I couldn't take a better picture of the color..
But it's a sheer light pink with light glitters..
It will definitely go well with my usual natural look

So that's it for my MAC haul.

Guess what I bought over the weekend at Sam's Club?

As soon as I saw it, I thought of Ms.Pink!
I know how much she loves her BANANA baby food!

Oh my gosh..
I love baby food.
It is absolutely delicious!!

You ladies should definitely try it

alrighty ladies,

I am logging off for the night.
Have a good night ladies!



DSKNguyen said...

?_? You girls eat baby food? LOL!

fuzkittie said...

Hahahahaha baby food! I forgot some celebrity from Asia loves that stuff, haha.

I have Dazzleglass and I thought it's the stickiest thing in the world! xD I love the powder.

Askmewhats said...

wow..baby food! i've never had it since I grew older!

wow on your hauls! :)

MiuMiu said...

such cute mac packaging
omggg!!! i loove apricot or peach baby food!! hahahaha

mayaari said...

nice HK haul :)

baby food eh? am I missing something? I used to have a roommate in college that used to eat baby food all the time.

M said...

i thought dazzlepuss was kind of sheer too :P

Glow Chaser said...

You eat baby food??? Hahaha you have made me laugh out loud like a crazy person! Now my boss is frowning!! :(

Nice kitty haul!

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

thanks for letting me know abt the banana milk!

the gloss looks awesome! i am still debating to buy it

Anonymous said...

baby food??? hehehe i remembered back in the days, there was this girl in my high school and she always ate baby food. ohhh memories!!!

love the HK couture line!!! i got the other lippie and not the powder...booo!! i need a sugar daddy..PRONTO!!

xppinkx said...


look at you with your new mac 1 million dollar palette!!! you go girl!!!


we can now feed each other...

open up



Beauty Snap said...

Hey thank you for commenting and following my blog!
Wow the case for the mystery powder looks so cute but heavy... I think.
Baby food!?? Does it taste like applesauce or pudding?

cheryl said...

baby food, mmmm...that takes me back, wayyyy back, lol...

VanityMakeup said...

love the HK haul!!


Kasumi said...

I don't think I was ever fed baby food when I was little. I guess I'm miss out on a lot huh?
You went to Sam's club also?! You should've told me! I would have made you get the uber soft socks I was telling about on my most recent post!!!! You have to get them they are sooooo softtt.
yeah I'm not a fan of stickiness either. It bothers me esp when it's windy outside and half my hair its stuck on my lips.

Anonymous said...

Hey hun, thanks for your reply. It helps a lot knowing that someone else has been there and done that. I am going to continue to be strong.


P.S. Love your MAC stuff that you just received :D

Yas said...

Yay I love your haul! MAC boxes make me soooo happy! Enjoy sweety!

abby said...

im yet to own anything from the hk collection, but theyre too cute. wish i had the dough to get me some stuff.

anne said...

ahh, you bought that extremely expensive Hk hello kitty compact? its $110CAD.. i passed on it ..hehe

Ahleessa said...

Nice MAC haul!!! :)

paperdollrevenge said...

Aw thanks sweetie...the magic's in the makeup!

Yay for your MAC haul! I have the Dazzlepuss Dazzleglass...it's pretty (very pink and glittery) in daylight but at night, I wasn't too impressed (it's actually what I wore in my clubbing video). I'm kind of thinking of going back to MAC to try the Kitty Kouture one. =P But you know, it's different for everyone!

Janelle said...

Oooh HK Kouture! Lucky you!

I got your package today! OMG thanks so much for all the goodies! I love it & can't wait to try them. Can you let me know which one is which, though? Thanks again hun <3

miss cakeface said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
miss cakeface said...

yup, i hate to admit it but it does work. the key is also using the right mascara w/ it. my lashes grew slower because i kept on wearing my fakies on top (whereas my sister's lashes grew quicker and longer). it took about a month to notice MORE LASHES but 3 mos to notice LONGER LASHES. sorry for the caps!

sanniet said...

hello! interesting baby food? I guess its kind of like applesauce or something hehe but that's cool though! nice and convenient to eat? hehe <3 ohhh HKK how is the powder?

Ji said...

I love baby food! Don´t eat it though, it´s kind of expensive?

Thx for visiting my blog!<3

snoshhie said...

thank you chica =)

can't wait to see you wearing your own bows!!

mayaari said...

hey girl - I did find the store for the BB cream, but I've been taking a break from using it lately (I think it was starting to clog my pores =P)

kawaiikao said...

how cute! baby food!! i used to loveeeee bananas in the jar..i wonder if i still do.. haha

Anastacia said...

Amazing stuffs you got! So pretty 'n stuff! And your blog music just awesome!

MaryJoyce said...

LOL on Gerber! love gerber myself!