Friday, March 27, 2009

[Review: THEFACESHOP Hydrating Milk Pack]

hi ladies <3
Happy Friday! (well..almost saturday)

Tonight, I decided to end my night with my favorite "Hydrating Milk Pack" from THEFACESHOP.

I have to say, I absolutely love their products. Their stuff smells good and it does seem to work well on my skin. I use a lot of their Massage packs & masks. I also love their BB cream!!! If you don't know much about their products, you definitely should check it out.

So what does this milk pack do exactly?
"This wash-off milk pack provides the concentrated care of a salon facial from the comforts of home to hydrate and soften dry, rough skin."
The benefits of milk: "A natural nutritional food containing various proteins, minerals and vitamins that help improve skin elasticity and brighten lackluster skin."

This really does smell like milk and it's not sticky at all, which I love <3>

After washing and applying toner, spread evenly over face avoiding eye areas. Leave on for 10~15 minutes and rinse off with warm water.

* "waiting for 15mins" pictures *

" Is it time yet ? "

* I apologize for this f*(*(@&#*@ face *

So 15 minutes later..
I washed my face with warm water..
I put on my night skincare products I use..

And the result ?

Now, I've been EXTREMELY ILL for about a week.
You may not think that my face has gotten whiter..
But, when I'm on my normal condition,
It's A LOT whiter and smoother !!!

But I do want to tell you all,
When I first used this product, I didn't notice the difference at first.
But I definitely noticed it next morning.

I really recommend you beautiful ladies to try their products!
It's amazing and does work !

I'll be doing another review on SEAWEED PACK in couple of days!

Stay tuned!


Kasumi said...

ohh your face is so glowwy! I love it!
your pictures are so cute :)
I've heard such great things from the faceshop!
I'm glad that you're feeling better enough to blog :)
oh btw. I need to know your email and your addy, I want to send you something :) don't worry I won't scam you ;)

fuzkittie said...

WOW I really wanna try this now!!! You're SO CUTE! Haha. Love your eyes. I am facinated with everything that contains milk, even though I don't like drinking it! xD

Iyah said...

awww.. you are just too sweet! Thanks for thinking about me :)

Love the music on your blog, I'm actually singing while commenting on you here.. hahah!

Hmmm. I love doing home facials and love reading about it because I'm so obsessed with my face (not in a conceited way) but I tend to try lots of thing just to improve my skin.. :)

DSKNguyen said...

Wow J.Yo, I don't see you for like 4 weeks and your hair is super long!

I know I can count on you for a quality review!!

I can't wait to see you tomorrow, :D

I've missed you boo!!

Askmewhats said...

awww your skin is pretty to start with :) But thanks for this!!! Get well!! I hope you don't feel ill no more!

Anonymous said...

i'm quite interested with faceshop's product too! haha but not so much of skin food. XD have u tried FS's sleeping mask? i read good comments of FS's sleeping mask on some random forum

ilovepink said...

hi =) i have the same works really well!! hehe i love it

cheryl said...

this looks so good for your skin... we dun have the face shop in europe.

ning * star said...

wow,it looks really great, i think it is MYR 35-39 if I'm not mistaken, i just saw it yesterday, but I didn't get any of their mask pack.
I love whitening product, whitening and moisturizing and Q10.. haha xD

have u tried the face shop peeling off mask pack? I'm planning to try them, but I haven't make up my mind yet which one to get since I haven't try any of face shop product <3

Nu Nu Doll said...

omg I sooo want this mask now!!! Your face looks so glowy and beautiful! :) How often do you use it, and do you find the mask hydrating? :)

Anonymous said...

great review!! i definitely want to try that out!!

Beauty is Androgynous said...

yes there are other bath bombs from lush but i bet they all do the same thing.

the other ones didn't smell as good. I'm more of a bubble bath person. I think it's more of the brand and name that makes it so popular and expensive..

Ji said...

Your skin is beautiful and sooo glowy!<3

MiuMiu said...

you look so glowy!
i picture the face pack to smell like milky candies hehe

Beauty Snap said...

hey hey~
I love beauty products with milk! Right now I'm using a body soap with milk; very moisturizing!
Do you have a face shop near you? I've heard that some walgreens carry the face shop products.
You are so cute! I hope you're feeling better~

aquaracer said...

you look radiant girl! your skin looks perfect! this product looks amazing, thanks for the review :)