Monday, March 30, 2009

[Mini Haul&HK Bows]

hey ladies <3
Happy Monday(?) ...
It's always hard to be motivated on mondays..
I pretty much slept through my morning classes and now, i'm trying to figure out what the homework was.. LOL.

Like I've mentioned on my previous post, I went shopping with DSK, Stephanie.

We went to the mall so late that we only had about 45mins to shop (sorry Steph!)
But as soon as we got our eyebrows threaded, we went straight to the MAC store and did some damage. LOL.
Good thing I controlled myself because I'm saving for the trip to Chicago SOON!!

Steph, me and our other bestie are going to spend a night in Chicago this weekend to celebrate DSK's 22nd birthday !!

ok ok. Im going to stop typing and show pictures!

What's in this Macy bags?

MAC & Clarins

OoOoo look at those lovely MAC & Clarins goodies!! MAC Mineralize Blush (Gentle) MAC E/S (Aquavert) MAC E/S (Corduroy) MAC Liquidlast Liner (Inkspill) MAC Sugarsweet collection Shadestick: (Penny) (Red Velvet)
Clarins Double Fix' Mascara

Here are some swatches:

1st shot
Left to right:
Gentle, Aquavert, Corduroy

2nd shot
(FYI, I bought Corduroy E/S for my eyebrows)

Beauty Sticks! LOL

Look how beautiful those shadestick are!
I didn't get to try the Clarins Double Fix' Mascara yet.

Speaking of mascara, I am thinking about showing all the mascaras that I have right now and talk about which ones I like and don't like.
I have wayy too many and majority of it, I used it once or twice..

I said that I was going to show HK Bows that I ordered from Ms.Tia :


sanniet said...

mmm MAC! I got some shadesticks too! I got the red velvet and ughmm that beige one I forgot haha and awww you look adorable with the HK bows! Do you like the liquidlast liners? I've been contemplating about getting one but I have trouble with liquid liners x_X I always mess up somehow and it gets irritating! And ooh a trip to Chicago sounds like so much fun!!! OMG I just saw her facebook and her bday is REAL soon aghh >_< I need to get some stuff ready also...could you please email me her addy? hehe <3

aquaracer said...

i also got penny, sooooo pretty! :) those bows are really cute.

Askmewhats said...

wow ! The HK bows look too cute for words! so pretty! and wow on those beauty sticks!!! are they creamy enough? do they crease ? :) Thanks in advance!

wuzzyangel said...

Following you now!! Heehee... Isn't that scary?!

Great haul!! And yay for trips with friends!! Chicago huh?! Have fun!! :)

Those bows are too cute on ya!! I still gotta decide what colors I want! LOL!!

Beauty Snap said...

Nice purchase :) I haven't been to mac in a while, honestly.. I haven't been to the mall in ages either hahaha.
I like how you put your stuff on display on your zebra chair ^^;
The HK bows are so adorable. Do you have clips on the back or velcro? I want to get them too.. hehe

mayaari said...

the bows are too cute! and the beauty sticks look pretty - looks like they'd make a good base for some bright eyes :)

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

ohh mac! the bows are cute on you!

DSKNguyen said...

I'm really impressed by the MAC products you picked out..the swatches look hella good.

I so want Love Joy blush..been thinking about every since haha .

Tia's bow ties are the cutest, I swear!

I LOVE THAT ZEBRA FOOT STOOL..haha remember we bought that together 4 years ago! damn it still lookin' fine!

Can't wait for our road trip!!!!


Bunnie said...

Cuuute hauls! I would love to hang out with you and Steph one day!! :D OOOH MSFs. I've been eyeing MSFs, but I don't know which one to get, because if I get one what if I want more? hahaha

Anastacia said...

Soooo pretty! I like your hair bows! And other stuffs looks cool too!

M said...

awww the KT bows look so cute on you! and you missy have amazing hair! so smoooth and silkkkyy

eclecticsatire said...

Those bows look so cute on ya! :D

I love Clarins Double Fix Mascara. It really helps to keep my lashes and mascara in place and also prevents it from smudging. Awesome haul! :)


ning * star said...

hehe, Tia's bow bow is so cute <3
definitely sweet for every girls <3

indeed, this person make me angry, but I'm not a cruel person that wouldn't give people even a single chance. Shall see how she keeps her words and prove it to me.

snoshhie said...

ow ow! so hawt :)

have fun in chicago! i'm going to be there this weekend too visiting some friends :P

snoshhie said...

hmmm... i have no idea where mich ave is... hahah first time :)

my friend lives near magnificent mile... what day will you be there?

cheryl said...

u know what, i'm curious about m.a.c. shadesticks too.. the other day i swatched sharkskin at the counter and quite liked it!

fuzkittie said...

Aw how cute are the bows! Nice haul, wow have fun in Chicago!!!

Anonymous said...

honey u rock that bow!! super cute on u!

izumi said...

HK bows! can they get any cuter? hahaha. i love how you wear them :)

Kasumi said...

yay for MAC!
I thought you fingers were bruised there for a second!
but the swatches are very lovely colors!