Thursday, March 12, 2009

[Chicago Haul pt.1]

Hi Ladies =)

It's spring break time for me here in Michigan.
I finally get my time to relax and forget about school for a week.

My brother came home from school and our family just had to be out of here for a short break. So we decided to go to chicago for 2 nights.
It was short but it was definitely worth it. I didn't get to shop so much because weather wasn't all that good.

I love Chicago. But I hate their tax !!!!!

I spent a lot of money again while I was in Chicago..
How much did I spent?
Well..This might explain it..
Armani Exchange
Salvatore Ferragamo
Tiffany & Co.
Mitsuwa Market (not shown on the picture)


Chicago=Sephora. LOL ~
I can't forget going to Sephora while i'm there. I was a bit disappointed with my visit to Sephora. It didn't excite me this time lol...But I picked out a few things just to make myself feel

MUFE Eyeliner 0L
MUFE Lash Fibers
Diorshow Blackout Waterproof Mascara
Bliss ingrown hair eliminating peeling pads
Sample of Benegiy dr.feelgood

I didn't get to try any of them yet but i'm excited to try the base mascara and Diorshow.

Has anyone tried the Bliss peeling pads that I got ?
I hate my nasty bumps on my legs and one of the guy at Sephora recommended me this. If there's anything that you are using to reduce those bumps on my legs, please let me know !! I want to get rid of these bumps before summer !!

FINALLY, I was able to get a few of lush products. I didn't even know Chicago had it until my mom mentioned it to me.

Angels on bare skin
Ocean Salt
Yellow Bags= forgot the name of it..

Last night, I tried the angels on bare skin. Result ? This is probably one of my favorite exfoliating product !! I didn't think I need to put on any moisturizer. My face feel soo nice !!!

If anyone would like a sample? let me know.
I might be able to send you some of mine =)

Since I don't have enough time,
I will write about the goodies I got at THEFACESHOP & Mitsuwa tomorrow

xoxo !


DSKNguyen said...

oh dang! Salvator Ferragamo! Tiffany's!! WOW!

I'm glad you bought so many goodies in Chicago, it's not a vacation unless you bring things home! You know what I mean? haha

You should us what's in all those bags...

(Raises hand for sample of Lush!!)
My mailing address is..

haha jk.

I'll so see you soon!

xoannie said...

Wow, when you haul, you seriously HAUL! haha this is a great post, oh how I wish there was a LUSH and THEFACESHOP near me. May I have a sample of your Angels on Bare Skin? Thanks!

Janelle said...

Oooh hauls galore! I can't do any hauling since I'm on a beauty diet, but your post is a feast for my eyes. LOL. I want to visit Chicago one day!

And oooh, I'd also love a sample of the Angels on Bare Skin! Pretty please?

fuzkittie said...

You should try the Shiseido Aromatic Sculpting Gel for the bumps, I wrote about that in my body skincare post/vid! ^^ I had bumps on both my arms AND legs, and they're just super smooth now. Hehe.

NICE HAUL!!!!! :D I love all those stores, hahaha.

Askmewhats said...

wonderful hauls! you're making me itch for the Lush! :)

M said...

if you hate chicago tax wait till you come to ny...

lushhhy goodniesss woohoo!

Katrina said...

wow u got sooo many goodies & soo many lush products. :p how do u find angels on bare skin? does it dry u out? and u got 2 tubs wow! better use it cause i know there's like a 3 mo. expiration date.