Thursday, April 9, 2009

[DSK weekend HAUL]

hey ladies <3

FINALLY, Youtube is being nice to me at the moment..

I have been trying to upload Haul videos for a while and it kept cutting my videos...



Here are some pictures of my goodies I bought from Chicago


I love their skincare stuff !
It really does make my skin healthier =)
Happy Me =)

CCO Love

3 MAC Blush (Emote)
1 MAC Fafi Powder Blush (Fashion Frenzy)
1 MAC Fafi Powder Blush (Hipness)
1 MAC Heatherette Beauty Powder (Smooth Harmony)
1 Bobbi Brown Blush (French Pink #33)


DiorAddict (Rose Hollywood #753)
DiorAddict (Corail Vintage #533)
Rouge Dior (Rose VIP #365)


I want Paul & Joe stuff !!
I can't make up decide which ones I want THE MOST since I can't get them all.

that's it for tonight !

Good night ladies ~ ~



DSKNguyen said...

LMAO girllll u were tired in the 2nd video! HAHA I need to post my CHICAGO STUFF!

izumi said...

wowowww.. cute stuff :) 3 emote?? wow! and those lashes are soooooooo cute.

Beauty Snap said...

heyy lots of good stuff you got there! I'm dying to go to faceshop in my area.. It's only 20 min away T_T but I spent too much money lately.. That's why I'm having a sale. But pricing is so difficult so I will lower later.
Haha and the chanel lippies aren't mine! I'm selling them for my mom.

Anastacia said...

You got absolutely gorgeous stuffs! Love that lippy stuffs! looks cool 'n pretty!

ilovepink said...

omg i love ur hauls! i gotta go back to face shop soon hahaha. i love their face packs.. their bar soap is good too..

sanniet said...

BIG haul girl! I love all your skin care stuff!!! Everything looks so yummy! Isn't thefaceshop expensive? x_X I actually have A LOT of skin care stuff...Just none that seem to help me hHAHA X_x sigh...I need to like get hands on tips from you!!! I'm sorry that you are disappointed about not getting everything you wanted from Sephora! =T If you ever want anything I'll definitely go to Sephora and grab you some stuff!!! *huggs*

eyecon1219 said...

i want to try out the shisem lashes !! but idk where to get them lols. i stopped by the face shop today but i didn't end up getting anything ! i'm on a budget haha. great haul though !

mszcheysser said...

Wow. Thats alot of things ;)

Paul and Joe stuffies? Get the one with Bambi. Haha! I hope, I am talking about the right one!

Goodnight too. :]

PS: Love, love the pictures!

Bunnie said...

I love those lippies!!! I'm going to try out the Dior Addict Lip Color because I have really pigmented lips, but I love how glossy the high shines are!! You are mad hauling. I've never been to a CCO!! There are none in AZ, but I'll check some out in San Diego. XOXO

wuzzyangel said...

I still think that's a pretty good haul! Everyone has DIOR lippies now! One day I'll join your ranks! LOL!! I hate when I make lists and forget them too!

Looks like you scored good at the CCO though!! Ahh... if only we had one where I live! FALSIE OVERLOAD!! LOL!! Can never have enough!! I have a bunch and I can't even put those suckers on! LOL!

I wanna Face Shop down here too!! Great haul on that as well!!

Haha your pics are too cute!! :)

~Mel said...

wow girl! u went all out! hehe.. love me some face shop masks!!!

Janelle said...

Woohoo great haulin! I didn't get to watch your videos yet because I'm at work. I'll watch later!

Dang girl, I dunno if you mentioned this in the videos, but whatcha gonna do with 3 Emote blushes? Hehehe.

Btw, thaaanks for being such a sweetie pie. ;D

✿Ji✿ said...

Wow what a huuuuge haul!:3
Your hair looks really cute on the pics!^__^

chau said...

OMGGGG...i am loving your CCO haul and Lashes!!

A. Rose said...

GREAT haul! I didn't see any Fafi products in the CCO I went!

And I want P&J stuff, too! Especially their Disney face colors!

snoshhie said...

nice haul!

it was so cold there!!!

aquaracer said...

hey love! nice haulin! you got so much stuff!! haha. i like the lashes, esp. fafi stuff (makes me wanna go to my CCO and see if they have some). and ooh, that bracelet from steph is so gorgeous!!

you look so glowy in your video.

abby said...

you picked up a lot of great goodies :)

Ketmany said...

amazing hual! CCO stuff OMG, jealous i have no CCO anywhere near me :(

fuzkittie said...

Yayyy videos!!! You're too adorable! <33 Lovely necklace ;]

mayaari said...

nice haul! that's a whole lotta skinfood :)

Lisa said...

I want Paul & Joe stuff too! Haha. Which products do you have in mind?

AbcGrrrL said...

Lucky you! You found some nice goodies from your CCO. The one that's 45 min from barely had anything :(

Kasumi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

wow nice haul! dior lippies look really nice... you can always p&j stuff online??

Kasumi said...

that is so odd~ I made a comment and it never showed up >_<
I'll just start over again hehe.
You are so cute! I like how you gave a sad face when you said "that's it for sephora" haha. Usually I make a sad face because I spent all my money there!
YAY DIOR LIPSTICKS! hooray! can you tell Im super happy for you??
YAY THEFACESHOP! Why is it that they have locations everywhere except for where I live?
great hauls! Love everything you got :)

MiuMiu said...

even tho you forgot your list..i think your haul was still big haha. i should get a dior lippy before i leave korea...they're so expensive in canada..dumb taxes =p
i think you'll end up with most of the P&J items if you can't decide...they're all just so nice!

Blair said...

Hi Jen,

Look at your Face Shop haul! I like them a lot too ^^ The White Tree Spot Corrector looks interesting. What does it do?

I LOVE YOU said...