Saturday, April 11, 2009

[ Review: THEFACESHOP Oriental Herb Cleansing Oil Gel ]

hi ladies <3>
I've been wanting to share this GREAT product that I've been using for a while now.

Beautiful Jeong Yeon
"Oriental Herb Cleansing Oil Gel"
"A gel type cleansing oil for a convenient, quick and powerful effect"

It wasn't on my "Chicago Haul" pictures but I bought more of this in Chicago.
This will be my 3rd tube using this.
I seriously love this stuff and smells really good.

"Formulated with a blend of 9 oriental herbs, botanical oil and chestnut inner shell extract, this refreshing deep cleansing gel transforms to a soft, fluid oil upon application and quickly yet effectively removes skin debris, sebum and makeup residue."

(Click to enlarge the picture)

Oriental Herb Cleansing Oil Gel
It obviously feels like oil and very light.
When you massage all over your face, it melts into your skin SUPER fast and removes makeup at the same time.
I think this stuff does remove your makeup super easily and you don't need to rub it so hard either. I don't use ALOT of eye makeup but I think this will do enough to remove my eye makeup. I pretty much massage it for about 1 ~ 2minutes

I like the fact that it has all sorts of oriental herbs (EVEN BETTER) and is very good for your skin. It smells like baby oil hehehe..

"Apply evenly over face and gently massage with fingertips in a circular motion until makeup residue and other skin debris are dissolved. Tissue off and wash with warm water"

I usually don't wipe off with a tissue because I think it's such a waste

I do wash with warm water and STILL massage at the same time.
And of course, I finish off with a COLDDDD water

To me, It doesn't feel oily after I wash my face. I can only feel that it is super smooth and clean =)

And finally,
I finish off with my skincare stuff:

LA MER the radiant infusion
LA MER the moisturizing lotion
LA MER the eye concentrate


THEFACEHOP Spot Clear Intensive Patch
( I hope this stuff works!)

If there's thefaceshop near you, I DEFINITELY recommend you all to try this product!

Goood night ladies!


Beauty Snap said...

HAHA Jen I was so shocked when you showed the pic of the gigantic clear blob.. I was like.. is that lube... omygoodness I guess this is my mind when I am tired.
Yes and I'm emailing you now so check it soon :)
The gel looks cool, it sorta looks like the one from Japan I reviewed last month but better~

DSKNguyen said...

That gel stuff scares me dude!

A big glob lol

I was like wow..J.yo someone's rich to waste product like that!!

GIRLLLL, I miss you!!!

School sucks!!

Askmewhats said...

wow your skin is GORGEOUS! and I wonder why I haven't seen this at local TFS store, I have to check! :) Thanks for the review and you look so pretty even without makeup

Yumeko said...

woooo thats a lot of gel
do u need to use a lot at one go?
looks very cool! is it really sticky on ur face?

izumi said...

i don't think i HAVE a faceshop.. but this is going on my wishlist :DD hehe.

Anonymous said...

omg I must check that out! >.< I thought it was uh, like facial wash XD I grabbed that tube yesterday but I didn't think of buying it. I just realized that I made a HUGE mistake! Should have bought that yesterday :p
I envy your skin it's so smooth i hope my skin is as clear as yours!

Jenn said...

ooo. I just went to face shop today~if only I knew about this earlier. oh well, it will be on the list next time!

I did pick up some spot patches while I was there, but not the faceshop ones...I hope they work too!

Emeria said...

mahn i want face shop stuff..we don't have any around here..booo :[..girl your face has a nice dewy glow to it!

Katrina said...

i thought i was the only one bothered wit the huge gel blob lol its so hugeee. haha! i so want to try this product. i need a good makeup remover.

wuzzyangel said...

Thanks for sharing this Jen!! LOL at the GLOB!

But now we know your secret to great skin!! :)

Lisa said...

Does it smell like herb? Fasio has a similar cleanser gel/oil. Your skin is all glowy.

ilovepink said...

thanks for the review! =D i wanna try it out next time im at faceshop hehe

mayaari said...

nice review, thanks for sharing :) your skin looks gorgeous!

Kasumi said...

lol that things look like lube outta the container ^^
The pictures are so cutee!!! ahhh. you are so adorable aoefhfsfd
This reminds me sorta like the La Mer cleanser..but I bet it's tons cheaper hahahaha.

Mimi/Maria said...

OMG! thank you JEN!!! for the review, i just got 2 small tubes of this for sample when i purchase the face shop sheet masks, and small tubes didnt see anything about it only the name, i was like, man, wats this stuff
i almost throw it thanks again =)

-Yu- said...

Thank you for the review. I needed a makeup remover and this is an interesting product. I might think of getting it.
and also, you have gorgeous skin. :d

Ahleessa said...

Wow that's a lot of gel for one application, but I do notice a clean face... hehe~ You look so adorable in the last picture! :)

MiuMiu said...

that sounds like such a neat product..bonus points cuz there are no parabens!
the glob looked so funny hahaha

A. Rose said...

Hmm...I have yet to try Face Shop products. I may have to start off with this one, if I can find it. Thanks for the review! :)

aquaracer said...

lol at the blob!! :) great review! now i wanna try this too. hehe. <333

M said...

i seriously gotta stop going to the face shop... its a money sucker

Blair said...

If that oil gel cleanser is the one that makes your skin glow, I'm definitely getting it!! But I think your La Mer skincare helped alot too hahaha

mapple said...

Woa .. I just sent my money to buy cleansing cream from The Face Shop .. now reading your review is tempting me to try this one too :p .. anyway, I'm interested with the La Mer as well

Allina said...

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