Tuesday, April 7, 2009

[ A Sweet Surprise Package ]

hey ladies ~ <3

So right when I came back from my Chicago trip,
there was a package waiting for me!!

Guess who?
Ms. lovely Mona!! <3
Love letter (such a sweetheart)
LUSH "Snowcake" (smells super goood)
Shiseido Chapstick (LOVE this stuff)
Laneige "Water Sleeping Pack Plus" Sample pack (SKINCARE Product!!!!)
Nodogumi Peach (it's all gone now...HEHEHE)

I didnt get a chance to try anything but the snack LOL
but i know i'll be talkin about them later in the future.


I sent her a couple samples of Lush stuff about a month ago because I knew how much she loves Lush products. I know that it's a lot easier for her to get Lush stuff there than me. I do have to drive at least 3~4 hours to get my Lush stuff. But who care! I wanted to share some of mine with her and other blogger ladies BECAUSE I CARE for my blogger ladies.

I totally did not expect anything back from Mona because it's just something that I wanted to do for her and other ladies.

I am all about skincare products.
I loveee to try new skincare products to see what it does to my skin. And when I do think it works WELL on my skin ? I really would want to share with my blogger ladies as much as I can share!

Money isn't a big deal.
It's the thought that counts and if I think it would make them happier and help them look prettier ? I would definitely try my best to help them.

Like I said on my 1st video,
I learned a lot from other bloggers. And wow, I must say that a lot them have a STRONG BOND with each other.
It's amazing to see that they share/help each other with anything they could when they barely get to see them.

A lot of blogger ladies treat each other like sisters. And if you can't respect that, don't even bother.

Do you get the point here?

I hate being so emotional.


I keep hearing this pointless dramas about "her" doing "that" again.
I really hope that she'll be able to figure out EXACTLY what she's doing wrong and why she's not getting any respect from blogger ladies because she OBVIOUSLY doesn't know what she did wrong.

WE ALL got jobs/work/school and YET we MAKE time to share.
Why? because we care
Why? because we respect each other

I am SURE that you're not the only one that's "busy" because there are MANY other ladies that are A LOT busier and got a lot other stuff to deal with.

If you can't handle being sooo busy with school, don't bother "swapping" with others.

do what you gotta do in school


MiuMiu said...

there are so many great bloggers that i've met. i don't really have like a strong bond with anyone yet just cuz i dunno if they want to or not lol. it's nice to know that there's someone out there who's willing to take some time and send you some love...even if you haven't seen each other at all. since september, i pretty much dumped my whole life in toronto and came to korea, yet the people that i regard as close friends barely even give a crap about me....sure they sent me a package, but it doesn't even seem to matter if they dont' even ask how i'm doing. soo..as a result of this...i ended up blogging and it's so much nicer that other people who i didn't even know are willing to talk to me...rather than you having to ask for that care from those you thought were you good friends...i'm sorry i totally ranted on your comment hahaha. i think i have major issues lol...but i'm sure you'll agree that you've created some strong bonds even tho they're over the net.

fuzkittie said...

Aw isn't Mona a sweety!!!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

that's sweet of mona, enjoy :)

mayaari said...

aww, what a sweet surprise :) the laneige sleeping pack is awesome - my skin is so soft in the morning after i use it :)

DSKNguyen said...

I have yet to try my shi sheido chapstick! I completely forgot about it! LOL

M is the best, isn't she?

You girls & your lush..sighhhh

eclecticsatire said...

I totally agree with you. Someone should really give "her" a serious wake up call. "She" acts as though she is the busiest person in the damn world. Ridiculous! Urghh! Utterly shameless!

izumi said...

aww, how nice of her ;D she really is a quite a sweetie.

i agree! a family of sisters :) hahaha i like how you phrased it. gotta earn respect. haven't gotten to the sister part but there are definitely some great friends up here. up in huurrrr.. hehehe.

hate reading this drama about this girl. i want no part in it :( yet she keeps doing it. arrrrgh.

ekimura said...

aww Im happy to be on blogger with ladies like you I feel sisterly love here!! In real life its really hard to meet really sweet girls from botton of their hearts and I feel like Im meeting genuine ladies here! we girls need to stick together!! :D

ning * star said...

oh, Mona is everyone sweetheart.
Let me know how's the shiseido lippie works

Beauty Snap said...

It's really nice to hear that people that we don't even see face-to-face on daily basis care so much about each other. Sometimes I wish the close blog relationships we have can apply to non-internet friends (who can hardly give a crap sometimes.. T_T)
It's really unfortunate that "she" is still creating chaos.. I don't understand why she's doing this.. just creating bad reps about herself.
anyway, enjoy your lovely presents!

M said...

hey sweetie. Im glad you likey. I know you didn't expect anything back and I wuv you for it :)

she does keep doing it! i can't stand it anymo' time for a air out soon

wuzzyangel said...

How sweet of M!! Look at all those goodies!! MM.. peach candies are the bomb!! :)

Still with the dramas?! Dang...

ps. Thanks for the concern about my sickly ass! :)

sanniet said...

nicely said! bleh x_X I think it was a good thing I didn't agree to swap with her...YET! pft...Its hard for me to swap sometimes because I have to walk to the post office in the ghetto x_X I don't like where I live...I always get hit on by guys...So...When I go to school during lunch times I hurry and walk to the post office to send stuff out! hehe <3 I love how everyone is so nice to each other =D Makes me happy! *^_^*

Aww you're so sweet Jennifer!!! *huggs* We haven't talked in a while and I miss you! I hope you aren't racking your brain too much with all the studying you've been doing <3

Ohh lush! I went to lush that one time when I went to sephora to buy some skin care stuff they have very interesting stuff! I haven't bought anything there yet! But I would like to try some of their stuff out in a little while when I save up some money hehe

Askmewhats said...

I totally believe that people are nice to you because you are nice to them :) it's a wheel :) So you are a sweetheart yourself so M is a sweetheart to you too! and vice versa :D

M is super sweet, I can sense it through her blog too :)

K said...

What a nice package!

Yes, I think the blogger community is very tightly knit! Everyone has been super nice to me!!

chau said...

there's so much love in blogger i swear! :) but...i think i'm hecka scared to ever swap now...LOL...that sucks!

A. Rose said...

I find it so surprising that complete strangers go out of their way for each other. It's what makes beauty blogging unique and ADDICTING, I guess. :)

aquaracer said...

i actually feel the same way..it's good to feel that there's some kind of sisterhood through beauty blogging. haha.

sanniet said...

hahaha no i did not finish my essay hahaha and my teacher gave me yet ANOTHER extension!!! lol -_-" he really wants me to finish it sigh... I LOVE K DRAMA's!!!!

Ladyfei♡ said...

Thank you for the reccomendation! La Mer in australia is friggin expensive.. i will check out the la mer price later =D becuz im just a poor college student with no job ;_; lol!

and i agree with you =) there is some kind of bond between bloggers even when we havent seen each other.

Ahleessa said...

That's really nice of Mona to get you stuff!... hehe~ :)

I'm in the same boat as you. I'm so into bows/ribbons even my friends noticed... lol~

Kasumi said...

I like how you put soo much thought in your posts :)
yay for lush products! I have never been in that store lol.
I care for ya too! I would love to mee you one day :)