Sunday, April 26, 2009

[ A "Giveaway" contest ]

I have reached over 100 "followers" !

Because of that, I wanted to do something special to all !!!

A "Giveaway" Contest
April 27,2009 ~ May 4, 2009

I will have 1 winner from this contest !

Here are the requirements to enter:

1.) You HAVE to be my "follower"
2.) You have to tell me that you want it
3.) You have to answer 2 of my question
-What would you like to see more from my blog?
(Please answer with DETAILS. I don't want short answers either LOL)
- What do you think of me as a blogger? (Please be honest. Im not expecting "sweet" comments. Let's all be real ! )


The prize will be..

MAC "A Rose Romance" collection

1 Beauty Powder (Summer Rose)
1 Lipgloss (Virgin Kiss)
1 Lipstick (Way To Love)
1 Eyeshadow (ET TU, BOUQUET?)

This contest will be a great way for me to get to know you guys more and help me to blog better !

Hope you all enjoy !!


PS: This is my 1st contest, so I may have to change things a bit if I HAVE to. I hope you understand!


izumi said...

i AM a follower, dammit :) even on twitter! heheh.

dude.. I WANT IT. starting my beauty diet (going out with the blogger girls accelerated my spending.. therefore.. i need to start it sooner and have it last longer).. so i won't be able to get this stuff! and one of the beauty powders (forgot which one.. argh) looks soooo effing pretty~ plus you know xD i'd love to get anything from you. WINKWINK. if you know what i mean. haha!

i would really like to see.. well.. some FOTD's.. or some more product reviews, since you buy so much xD or swatches, if it's just eyeshadow/etc. swatches on lips for lippies, etc.. fairly basic, i'm pretty easy to please. but don't forget about updating about your own personal life! i wanna hear about that too<3 aaand.. yes. pics of your pretty pretty face :) please!

i think.. you are an amazingly sweet, caring, kind, cute, hilarious blogger. i LOVE that i got to meet you, even if it's only online.. and i love our little e-gifts and twitter chats, hehehe. and the fact that i get to be your first commenter and etc.. you ALWAYS say thank you and are ALWAAYYSS so sweet and kind. thanking everybody for everything!! i love it. even i'm not that well mannered.. hahah. and your different sized fonts and coloring amuse me.. haha.. but then again, i'm pretty easily amused. uh and.. i'm pretty much completely enamored with you :) sweetie bunches! i love you! hahaha.

oh! and i want to see longer posts :) or more often. one of the two.

love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! :) <3

Askmewhats said...

I am your follower!!! :) And I want this!!! Who in the world of beauty bloggers doesn't like makeup ? :D

What would I like to see more from your blog?

I would love to see more eye makeup from you, not really a tutorial but I love to see what products you use. I would love more product reviews toO! Coz I enjoy your current one! I also would like to have more personal information (if you are comfortable) like where you usually eat or do..when you have spare time!

What do I think of you as a blogger?

I think you are one funny gal!!! I've watched your videos and though you're not making jokes or anything, I can see you are a cool person to hang with. About you as a blogger, I think you are passionate with what you talk about or write about. This is just random but I think you are very close with your friends and family and you want to keep it that way!

DSKNguyen said...

This contest is BOSS

K said...

1) I am one of your followers!

2) I DOOOO want it! I am not sure if this collection is coming to Japan!

3) I would like to see more makeup looks, like EOTDs. They really help your creativity shine through. I'd like to see what you do with all the things you buy.
What do I think of you? I think you're young. I don't mean to say you are immature, which I don't think so, but there are a lot of things which make me aware that there's a generation gap (haha) between you and me. An example is how you use a lot of colors in your updates. For me, that is kind of hard to read. But I know that it's pretty!!!

Bunnie said...

I want it, I want it, I want it!! haha I've never tried MAC lippies or powders! It would be an awesome opportunity to get to try some!

Blogtv is fun timessss! Time flies when we're all on Blogtv. Last night was so funny, you're super cute, more sessions please!! keke :D

First off, thank you for holding this giveaway! <3

1. I would like to see lots of random updates, I like this the most! Also, I want to see your make up collection! I want to see your skincare routine and your comments on each product. :D I'm obsessed with skincare. You know me, anything about skincare is eye candy to me hehe.

2. I think you're a fun, loving, and bubbly person! You kept cracking me up on blogtv! harhar Diane and I muuust meet up with you and Steph one of these days!! We'd have sooo much fun! We can raid your brush collection and blogtv while wearing all DSK jewelry. KEKEKE



sanniet said...

I want to win!!! =O I am a follower and your korea loving china/american girl! hahaha <3

What would you like to see more from my blog?
I would love to see more of your skin care routine! Your skin always looks so radiant and glowy! I would love to learn more of what to do with all those skin care products out there and more recommendations that you think will be great for different skins. It would be nice to see you do a tutorial either about makeup or skin care! Only if time permits though since I know you are pretty busy.

What do you think of me as a blogger?
What do I think of you? I think you are a very generous person! I admire your determination in your studies, I wish I could be as ambitious! I know for a fact that you are kind and you wear your heart on your sleeve. It has been wonderful talking to you even if it's only for a brief minute =) You barely knew me yet you tried to help me out with my skin problem and I can't thank you enough for being so nice, generous and caring!

L said...

1. I follow jooooo and been followin' joooooooo!

2. I want it if you give it. LOL

3. I think you should SWATCH all the products you have cuz I heard you have A LOT. And maybe after you do all that, you'll be able to revisit somethin' you use to love and share it with the rest of us (as well as the DUDS). Be trooFul about it too, no hype, just honesty about a product.

4. I think you're a sweet girl that loves the makeup game. You also have a great sense of humor and you should let that show in ya posts more often too.

Oh yea, and what Steph said but...



Ahleessa said...

1) I'm a follower.

2) I want it... lol~ I'm broke, therefore, I haven't been buying any makeup lately. If I do buy, it's either on sale or drugstore brand... hehe~

3) I want to see more makeup reviews. To be honest, one of the reason why I joined the beauty blogging world is to see reviews and of course write my own. I feel like a lot of the blogs have gone away from the main concept of a beauty blog. I want that back damn it... hehe~

To be honest, I didn't think much of you at first since I really didn't know much about you. After this weekend, I think you're a great gal! I really enjoyed getting to know you and Dianne of course... hehe~

Anastacia said...

Really exciting contest!
Good luck to all girls!

cleung341 said...

1. I am a follower ;)

2. I want it....

3. I would love to see more FOTD or LOTD. I love to see how other gals put on their makeup and what products they use. Especially if I see lots of haulage... I want to see what the products look like on the face. Swatches are wonderful, but nothing beats what it looks like when you have the complete look.
I love that you are honest and that you put your heart out there for people to see. Of course what you put on your blog is what you want people to see, but I love that you and Step blog together and I think what I enjoy the most about you as a blogger is the support that you give your blogger gals.

ekimura said...

yes I am one of your stalkers!!
I was watching your vid and I was amazed how you didnt get side tracked like you have already scripted what to say!! XD
YOU are too kind to do this giveaway! like always sweet sweet~
I wanna see more of your face, with what is going on in Jennifers everyday life so stalkers like me can stalk you more LOL XD I just want to get to know you more :)

as a blogger you have been FAB!always supporting other bloggers with super sweet comments and care! I know i have been cheered up with your comments so many times! very genuine person that's fo SHO! congrats on 100+ followers!!

good luck on the giveaway! :D

CHOMSIRI said...

Hi Jennifer! I am one of your "subscribers" AND I want this! :D

(I think you're super generous with the prizes) LOL

1. I would like to see more of your skin care routine. I saw a picture of you and steph on her facebook and I was like, "Shit, she has nice skin. what does she use???" I know you buy tons of stuff so I get to see your haul from time to time. I want to see your makeup collection! I also want to see your makeup tutorial (possibly on videos).

2. I think overall, you're a pretty fun blogger to read. I like the way you talk when you blog, lol! your blog is always colorful (the font). I dont think you're a lazy blogger or anything b/c you do post up a lot of pictures and that takes time. I like how you always tell us subscribers that you are thankful to have us reading your blog :) I came across your blog from steph's blog and I followed you ever since b/c of your personality!

thanks for having this contest!

Lulu said...

1.) I am a follower :)
2.) I WANT IT! Being on a makeup diet -- trying to save money to buy a house :( makes me want new makeup to play with even more! Let along A Rose Romance!!! ahh you'll be the best Santa ever if I win, hahaha.
3.) I would like to see more product reviews from you. I love to hear what other people think about the product before I buy it and getting more opinions are always good. I love hauls, so please keep those coming, hahaha :p
- I think you are a fun and very honest blogger. It cheers me up to read your blog because you make me laugh often, and your blog is always fun to read, especially with all the colors and pictures. I am a visual person, so the more pictures the better! I like how you are appreciative of your readers and that alone makes me love you because that means you really care. Please keep up the good work :)

Congrats on 100+ subscribersss!!!

MiuMiu said...

Wow those are some prizes there! Count me in!! i'm not a big mac user so i'm quite excited if i win it..then i can see what all the fuss is about over mac XD

1. i'd like to see some more reviews. I'm very picky and indecisive when it comes to getting makeup and skincare so I like to browse through reviews before i settle on something.
i think you should also blog a bit more about yourself. i mean it doesn't have to be like an online diary, but it'll be nice to know you more rather than having to guess. it seems more personal that way. Like sometimes you might have an experience that someone can share with so they're not alone.

2. Of course I think you're a sweet girl hahah. it's not like you've been dramatic right! As a blogger i think you've added a nice touch to your layout with the fonts and colors. i have the same layout as you and mine is boring cuz i'm too lazy to make a layout haha.
i think it's good that you talk a bit about your personal things so i can know you're human and not just some crazy person who always thinks happy thoughts.
i also think you're really supportive of others even if they don't expect comments from anyone =D

Beauty Snap said...

Hi Jennifer! Congrats on the 100+ followers. X)
1) I am a follower! :D
2) I want it haha. I am currently trying not to buy anything and it would be so cool if I won this hahaha
3) Some things I'd like to see on your blog are more full-fledged reviews! I know you have TONS of great stuff and you definitely have awesome taste. I want to see you use more of everything you have and show us~ Oh and since I'm so stalkerish I'd like to see more pics of your life hehe :)
4) What do I think of you as a blogger: You're an amazingly GENEROUS girl! You are so nice and way too kind that I feel insufficient in what I gave you. I'm trying to find some cool stuff to send you so please wait! When I first got your commment/follow, I didn't know who you were at all but once you started commenting often, I felt so good that you actually read through my posts! I'm honored that I got to know you and have you support me in my blog. Hopefully we'll have more fun exchanges in the future! Plus we must email each other more often, you're so funny and you make my day LOL

tinedangganda said...

1. I am a follower!!!

2. Are those prizes make up??? of course count me in, I want those prizes!!!

3.What would you like to see more from my blog?

I want to see more reviews and swatches... Because it really helps me decide which to buy when other blogger like you do reviews and stuff... You know there are different kinds of products out there...

4.What do you think of me as a blogger?

You are one of a kind! I can't compare you to anyone else, your blog is so unique that it keeps me coming back for more... I like the images you put in between the lines, it's like a story so poetic!! :D And these are all true not because I want to win that prize I am just being real.. like what you said...
keep it up...

mayaari said...

I follow :) even on twitter!

I want I want! haha I'm on a makeup ban right now, but I still look at all the pretty releases.

I really like reviews and LOTD/FOTD posts - I'm always wondering about new products and honest opinions :)

aaaand I think you're a great blogger - you've been pretty busy this month but it'd be great to read more updates about anything :)

PinkyKathy said...

glad to see you again on youtube.
wow!! this contest is cool. ^__^

first of all, I'm a follower. (very new follower b/c I just get started with Blogger last week)

2. I love MAC Rose Romance collection, but I can only see it. (T_T) I really want it. hehehe. I have to save money for flight ticket from Florida to Thailand Bangkok, my hometown. And this ticket is crazy~~~ expensive. I really wanna see my family and my friendssss, and at the same time I need new + trendy m/u. LOL Oh GOD, I miss them soooo much, haven't seen them for 8 months now. >.<~~

3.1) I wanna see you do the review and swatch more on Asain m/u or skincare. Asain stuff from Korea and Japan are awesome!!! I also can send you a nice m/u from Thailand if you wanna try ^__^. I say they are awesome because the packaging is always adorable, unique, and the quality is great!!! For example, Etude house, Missha, VOV, Castledew, skin79, Lotree, Lisange, Integrate, KATE, Fasio, Canmake, Majolica, skinfood, Kiss, Beauty de Kose, Coffret d'or, Lunasol, Jill Stuart, Kiss me, Anna sui, RMK, Lavshuca, Tiffa, Revue, Ettusais, etc. And as a makeup-addict-person, I can assure you will love them. ^_^

3.2) In my opinion, you are very lovely, sincere and honest. You also take a look in every details, every comments in your own blog and your own YT channel. You reply to everyone very nicely and always love to help or share good things to others. Last but not least, you have not overdone with anything, which I love very much. ^____^

Please keep doing all these good works and upload more vid. I can't wait to see.
Thanks for this fun contest.
Good night.

Katrina said...

1. i've been followin u since u had a single post LOL

2. I FREAKIN WANT IT GIRL! U HAV NO IDEA. LOL. Cause "a romance" won't be released here till a month or two. & that sucks.

3. I would like to see more makeup looks or swatches. and more haul cause u have the greatest haulsss. and umm what else... yea jus that makeup looks/fotd. and of course random stuff like u being batman and the like LOL..

4. i honestly think u are very sweet & thoughtful. remember when u asked me if i wanted samples from ur haul i was like WTF this girl is so sweet but yea i'm from p.i. so no that was cancelled hahahaha. jk. and as DSK would say it, i think u are the BOSS. LMAO. but seriously, you are one funny gal & really very sweet. umm that's all i can say girlie and thanks for this contest. :D


*Nehs* said...

congrats babe!! xoxo

URY said...

1) I am one of your followers! =D I don't often comment but I read each posts hehe

2) I want to try the Mac a rose romance collection.

3) more product reviews. I learn a lot from you.

4) I honestly think you're a nice person and someone who's honest and whom I can rely when I need opinions about beauty =D This is why I'm a follower =D

Glow Chaser said...

I just wanted to say that I am so happy for your blog success!!

I remember when you first started! *sigh* LOL

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

congrats!! good luck to everyone :)

jyoo.bkim said...

1.)I am definitely a follower!! Yay!!
2.)I definetly want to win the giveway!! I can't afford to buy mac makeup, since I am paying for classes, saving up for a wedding in October,and I have to find a new place to live when I come back. Working $1.50 over minimum wage, doesnt help much too. I would be so grateful to win. ( I never won anything before) The "A Rose Romance" collection is so lovely, I love how the colors are soft but bright!(Boom)
3.)I would love to see you do "how to" tutuorials with different ranges of colors and good instructions,give your opinion on different brands and products, hauls would be lovely, and giveways would be even more fabolous!! >.<
4.)Hmm...What do I think of you?
~ Your great, and you seem very sweet and nice, from the comments your write back to your follower's comments. You seem to be a little shy. I feel that you hold back sometimes in your videos. (that could just be me) I love your cute face expressions when your thinking or explaining something!!

Congratulations on reaching 100 followers!! Yay!!!

xxx said...

Hi i'm evie and I WOULD LIKE TO WIN THIS CONTEST!!...=)

i have been following your blog as i chanced upon your blog through some others.XD

i like the way you show us how to use the products(with pictures) and introduce products that are affordable and that are sold internationally too..hehe

i would like to see more on skincare like which good for the skin(for acne, scars, anything that is good for the skin!)...
and you could show people(like me) who are noobies in putting on makeup how to put it on..=)

correct me if i am wrong, erm another thing that i like to read your blog is because are i'm an asian and you( are either a asian or with some asian blood)too, the things that you recommend i can usually relate to them as they re usually suitable for my skintone or skin.(as most of the good makeup blogs are usually done by caucasians or i have not chance upon others)

As a blogger, you are friendly, honest about the products you sampled/ tried , a very nice person!!...=)

oh sometimes the font colour you used are abit too bright(like yellow on a white background) its abit hard to see..but overall the effect is good! =)

thanks for having this contest!

ㅤㅤㅤㅤJéssy said...

Hahaha! This is great .. Giveaway I bet you're having fun reading it =)

Well, I started to follow your blog a little time but I fallen in love! You talk about interesting things and the way you write Attracts me = p

I can not tell you how you are the blogger ... I never spoke with you for very much longer! I want to be your friend! , You seem to be a very special =)

It very fun know girls like you from other countries use in their day-to-day!

I would win the great prizes you offer .. therefore not be able to buy MAC where I = /
But even if I did not win, I want you to know that I will always follow your blog ... because the most important for me is learn things with wonderful people! And that is why I also have my blog, and learn to take new information .. as well as acquire new friends!

I hope that your blog is always a success, and thanks for making my life better =)

Anonymous said...


numero dos: I SURE WANT IT!!

numero tres: let me try to this w/out obviously trying to kiss ur butt..hehehe



fuzkittie said...

I want it!!! Want it!!!

I'd like to see you come out with video tutorials!!! I think the way you do eye makeup is great and many girls will benefit from your tutorials~ :]

I think you're a blogger with lots of positive energy, which is the best! Even when you're feeling down, you still manage to cheer others up and encourage them, that's the best quality! :] Love you~~

kylie said...

u bet im a follower :) anddd i freakin WANT IT!! ahhh :)

what i would like to see more on ur blogs are more reviews because ur so in-dept with them and the pictures are a plus! haha.. also, if ur into nail polishes and nail art, u should post pics and swatches of the colors :) [im still waiting for ur review for the revlon artificial nails ;) hehe] hauls are always great too! it feeds MY shopping addiction haha

what i think of u as a blogger is someone who is very personable and relatable... u love makeup and beauty related things like myself... i find most of ur posts interesting because im interested in the same things as u. ur quirky and not afraid to show who u are (ie: batman pic!) and i noticed that the way u take pics is like how i take mine! haha.. (ok fine maybe urs are better :/! lol) i know ur not expecting "sweet" comments but i havent seen a side of u that is bad so i cant really be a hater n hate on u.. haha.. all love here :)

cooool giveway!

Jules said...

Yup I'm definitely a follower of your awesome and super cute blog! and...
yes..I undeniably and whole hearted-ly want it!

Before I can suggest what I think is lacking in your blog (if any..which I seriously doubt! ^_^), I would like to first tell you what I like about it! I like the whole layout itself, the background picture that's easy to the eyes, the contrasting colors of your font, the labels that you use for your blog nick-nacks---like "SOUL" for the music player, "LOVERS" for your followers, and so on. I adore your random blog pics and you have great taste in fashion and makeup. To be honest, I can't say anything negative about your site cause' it screams HAPPY, LOVELY, and CUTE to me!
What do I think about you as a blogger?? Well honestly, as a blogger I think you post up really good quality pictures, you keep people entertained and wanting to read more, and you give simple yet honest product reviews! Overall, I think you are a great blogger and the blogging world would not be the same without you!

Anonymous said...

I am a follower AND subscriber and I wanttt it (: nice prizes o.o

First off, when I first saw your videos..I thought: WOW! You're videos are SOOO clear...good camera (:! YOU're pictures for very clear too..!

I would like to see reviews of products.

Your youtube background should have a picture of YOU since you're soo cute! I want to see more of YOU! PS. I could make a background for you!

I think you're a great blogger.
1) You also have a clear, sweet voice.
2) You're pretty, seriously!

YOUTUBE: I think you could also add some subtitles in your could use a program like Window Movie Maker, etc.

Your hauls are great..I enjoy watching them. Maybe try on the makeup so we can see what they look like? Your music on your blogs is soothing and sweet. Great lighting.

Otherwise, your blog is very good. I like it. I will be looking forward to seeing more of your videos. [:

anymore questions, comments: email me at

youtube account: wishingshells

wuzzyangel said...

LOL! Too cute Jen! Subscribers instead of followers!! ;) And we love you too! What do you mean if you "could" do mu tuts?! I'm pretty sure, you'd do a hell of a better one then I ever could! I know you're gonna get a TON of entries for this! LOL! So here's mine! Here we go....!

1) "subscribing" already!
3a) I would love to see more of YOU on your blog! Don't get me wron I love all your posts, but more pics of YOU would be nice! :) It doesn't have to be full on FOTDs or anything, just more of your cute face! :)
3b) Honestly I haven't been following you for that long, but I love all the comments I get from you on Blogger & Twitter! It always brings a smile to my face & makes me feel loved! So gay I know, but it does! So as a blogger I see your posts as the same way! ;)

Congrats on hitting over 100 "subscribers"! :)

aquaracer said...

hey hun!!! just leaving you a quick comment since i shouldn't even be blogging right now...busy..busy...*sigh*

anyway, i won't be entering your contest since i already have some things from this collection and i want to give other people the chance to have these awesome prizes!! ;-)

i enjoy reading random stuff. i wanna see...some tutorials!! hehe or fotds...

and i wuv you so much because you're so sweeeeeet!!!! and you have so much goodness in your heart! <33333 ttyl!

ning * star said...

hey sweetie, I wanna join, count me in.the prizes are awesome, whee u are sweet and generous =P

-What would you like to see more from my blog?

I wanna see more videos about your skincare, daily routine of how you keep yourself look fresh, energetic most of the time. Of course,there's a lot of things I wanna see too such as your haul, swatches. hmm, I will really like to see your tutorial about makeup,because I'm curious about makeup, I need more reference and it is fun, watching sweet bloggers review and absorb the good side how they do their makeup.
Erm, I have a small request here, will u do some hair do in future? u have really nice hair,and it can play with a lot of wonderful style and stuff.

- What do you think of me as a blogger?
Honestly, you are sweet. I love the way you delivered your message in video. I think u had a really good personality, u are willing to help whenever there's problem occur such as bad swap experience which fell upon me lately. You are a good friend and you are really friendly. haha xD I love how you share your thought with all of us in this blog and it's great!

M said...

since i stalk you i figure i should enter hahahha. i wanner it.

1. FOTDs EOTDs where you flaunt it and camwhore it <3. product reviews, especially skincare goods :

2. you're a fun blogger :) sweet cute and honest. You post about different things that stirs it up. You're very easy to warm up to :P ok i sound like a perv


MiuMiu said...

after seeing the pictures..i'm soo tempted to go get the lipstick!

Chrissy said...

I want it!! I have always wanted to try MAC products but I can never afford them, and they are kinda unavailable to me.

I would like to see... more posts from you! I understand that you are busy though, so it's okay. :) Also I want to see more makeup post and LOTDs! :D

What do I think about you as a blogger...well I think you're fun. The way you do your posts keeps it interesting for me. You seem to have a fun personality that translates into your blogging (from what I've seen so far).

jojos4eva said...

OOooOO HIHI! lol thanks for the awesome comment about my nails :p

OOoOO I want to enter this contest too...
I would like to see more reviews... cause it gives others (including me) a rough idea of whether or not the product is suitable for them (me) lol
Reviews and HG products are the best! :D

What do I think of you...
Hmm personally I wouldn't know.. its hard to judge someone via a few words on a blog.. but from Steph on her blog and on her youtube... I think your a down to earth kinda girl... LOL REAL TIDY! lol like the opposite of me... I have a mess of a room :P
You seem to be a fun person to be around, because steph has always got a huge smile on her face when she mentions you ;) lol

Im off to studying... lol xox

Pop Champagne said...

Aww I want it!!! I've been soo curious about trying MAC Romance Collection but have no disposible incoming right now lol

I like your blog a lot and I think you are a cute energetic person! I wouldn't mind seeing more product reviews ie how effective they are, pros and cons (does it blog your pores etc).

Keep up the great work! I will keep checking back to your page hottie :)

Ketmany said...

1. I am a follower, sort of a lurker, but not like a creepy stalker kind of lurker. lol

2. I do want it, please :)

3. I love that your blog is full of reviews, you are super informative. But I would like to see more application posts? I know you do a lot of skincare posts, but I've noticed that you dont do very many FOTDs. I would love to see you do some looks every now and again, just for fun. Because you seem like you would be super simple with your makeup, nothing super crazy, just great every day looks. I also like that you make your blog personal and not purely about beauty blogging, i love reading about your life outside of makeup so definitely keep us updated!

4. i think you are a super cool blogger, hopefully we'll be able to communicate more and i can get to know you a little better. but from what i've read you are totally awesome. your posts are great, i love all of your reviews. you're very informative and i like that your products arent all from one company.

good luck to everyone entering the contest! & congrats on 100 followers!

Anonymous said...

1)Subscribed for awhile now ever since you commented on my blog!

2)I WANT IT K!? real bad haha

3)What would I like to see more? hauls because i always like to see whats great out there that i can also grab. Not just the haul but a short review of the products and whether it works for you or not (not that your not doin it already haha). preferably skincare products.

4)Honest truth i think youre a cheerful and truthful beauty blogger. Your young and i feel like i can relate to your blog more so than a lot of the other bloggers terms of school-wise, makeup wise good job!!

ps. i hope your next sale will be opened internationally. great stuff

mszcheysser said...

I do want it :)♥!!!

Mmm, I would like to see more random post! Random posts are fun - sometimes more fun that reading hauls and tutorials. But a good balance is good.

Another thing that would be good is more on how to use make up! That would be great and useful to alot of readers - especially newbies, like me! So it would be excited to see new looks and such. :D

And as for, what do I think about you as a blogger..

I think you are very free. I love how your pictures are so fun and cute. It's not just glamourous pictures, you have a mixture. Thats what I noticed ;) And it's not just being sweet. I think because of this, alot of the readers are able to relate to this.

Another thing, I love how you do your reviews. I think you do a good amount of reviews and when you do it, you are quite detail.

And so even though, I don't win the contest, I hope that whatever I said in my comment, will help you with you as a blogger!

Good luck to all the bloggers.

Lauren A said...

Wow. what fantastic prizes! I want it!! haha

first of all I think your blog is fantastic. I would like to see more hauls and possibly some tutorials. the main thing i would like to see is you, and your own personal style and not just by following the trends. we all tend to follow the trends but it's staying true to yourself and making yourself shine through that makes you gorgeous. that's what i would really like to see here in your blog. give everyone a sense of who you are and what your all about.

i think you are a great blogger. your blog is very easy to read and you take excellent pictures. you seem very genuine and kind and that to me is important to see.

keep up the great blogging and wish me luck :)

Anonymous said...

1. I am a follower.

2. I do want to win these items. I do want it because I'm just starting on doing my own makeup and it'll be nice to have some makeup as like a base/foundation to build on (: But if I don't get picked I wont be a sour pickle about it (:

3. The things I would like to see more is probably some hauls. What did you buy even if its clothes or shoes or accessories! I want to see also your outfits or your hair and what is your style because blog spot is like a place where you can be you!

4. The honest truth is that I don't really know you, I didn't read your old posts yet. I just so happen to stumble upon your site and I guess its my lucky day! But I'm glad I did stumble across your page (: I put your website on my favorites now so I can check back when you post new blogs!

Thanks for having this, whoever wins will be lucky (; Its really generous of you to do this for us! Thanks a bunches again!<3

Miss Manda said...

I'm a follower =)
Miss Manda

and on twitter: ImmaDiva

I would love to win this giveaway, the ROSE collection is gorgeous, especially the beauty powder!

I would like to see more product reviews but haven't been a follower until today, just randomly come across your blog every now and then so maybe I'll change my mind =)

and like I said, I haven't followed for long but can tell you're pretty humorous and that's a plus, nothing more boring than a serious blog <3 thanks!

✿Ji✿ said...

1. Follower of course!^^

2. I WANT IT! I guess everyone wants it!xD

3. I´d love to see more personal stuff and hauls!:)
I love hauls, they´re fun to read and you learn a lot about another person just by looking at the stuff they buy/use/love/hate.
And I love to read just random posts like what you´ve done on a certain day, what you´ve eaten or what pissed you off, just very RANDOM!^-^

I think you´re an awesome girl with an awesome blog!;) I love your product reviews and your´re always very honest with your thoughts and feelings!♥ And I honestly mean this, I`m a friggn honest girl myself!:P

Thx for holding such a great contest!♥

jinxbea said...

i am a follower.. i got your site from DSK.... omg.. who doesn't want it.... i wanted it so much...

as a reader, i wanted to see more reviews, FOTD, and hauls.....more FOTDs

as a blogger, i think you are having fun while doing this...and this is what i like about your blog.... seeing the blogger having much fun as the reader is...

jade said...

I am a follower of your blog or else I wouldn’t know about this contest :) I first came to your blog because of your gal Stephanie. This is a great giveaway contest you’re having for your fans from the Rose Romance collection. I want it. I really want it! I need to have it!! Lol…

1) What would you like to see more from my blog?
I would like to see more of your Favorites of the Months (e.g. Favorite lipstick for May) or something like “Products I love, products I hate.” I would also like to see what’s in your purse/bag? Just something fun & different to mix things up a bit. There are no rules; you can talk about anything, absolutely anything on your blog. On YouTube, vloggers like to tag people; perhaps you may want to participate and play the tag game in answering a set of questions like your background, where you are originally from, and what kind of foods you like to eat etc. or what is your 5 favorite lipsticks/eye shadows (they don’t all have to be from the same company) you get the idea :) Also, there’s a ton of inspiration from bloggers and YouTube guru videos.

2) What I think of you as a blogger?
I think you are awesome because you post us lovely pictures of the products you are using & reviewing. I love how you are so cute & funny when reviewing make up and blogging about school, friends, and fellow bloggers ... letting us know what’s going on in your daily life. I like the swatches you post up for us to see how the color looks like to us and take close up pictures of the hair accessories etc. Honestly, I think you are a wonderful blogger. On the other hand, the only constructive criticism I can say is for your YouTube videos is when presenting yourself, be more confident when speaking to the viewers. Generally, the audience will be attracted to you and be interested in what you have to say. Try to speak up, don’t hesitate and don’t be nervous because that will show. Be confident in what you’re saying and have fun because so will we =D

lindah said...

damn girl! I thought I was genorous, but you are super genorous! :D

Blair said...

I thought I already followed you when I left some comment earlier but it didn't go through for whatever reason >.<

Damn, you are so generous!!! And thank god I'm still in time to join hahaha.

I think you're very sweet and generous person (this contest is a proof and you sent packages just for the heck of it out to other bloggers =D). I love reading your blog because you share very honest thoughts with us which endears you to the readers ^^ And, you are a fan of The Face Shop! I am a fan of TFS as well (a tiny fish in the sea of Skin Food fans) lol

On that note, I'd like to see more travel and haul posts. I'm not from the US, I would love to see travel posts and waitaminute, not so much haul posts on second thoughts, it'll just make me green with envy lol. Jokes aside, more reviews on the things you bought (I heard that you can haul ;p), and maybe some FOTDs and EOTDs?

Alrighty, this ends my lengthy comment ^^

Blair said...

Oh yes, I almost forgot, congrats on getting more than 150 followers!

vanilla said...

Ey^^.Thankyou for such a great giveaway. I am your loyal follower=^^=

2) Omg.. I so want the prize. Probably because I am a starter in makeups, so it'll be great to win such a big prize. I haven't joined any contest so.This is my first one..So crossed finger^^.I hope i win it.

3) Um.. in the future, I would like to see more of hauls/review with pictures. It's because it's very interesting when you can have a look at photos and relate to the review more.I would also like to know more about your previous experiences on beauty products.

In my opinion, as a blogger you are pretty good. I mean like the way you start your post ' hi ladies' , that is so friendly, not very formal yet very nice.You are also very funny ahhah, the photo of you wanting to be clown for a day was really sweet. Though some of the photos are silly, you show the real you and therefore that's what makes me come back to your page and read your blogs.

I'll end it here.
I hope I didn;t bore you making you read so much.
ahha. But they were my honest opinion and before I knew I wrote so much.

Popcorn said...

1)I am ur follower!
2)WOOOO, I want it!
3a)From ur blog i would like to see your makeup collection. instead of having just haul videos and pics. you could review them on video after you use them. also besides just blogging, doing more youtube videos would be awesome! sometimes too many pictures get long and boring. (that's just my opinion)so maybe just haul videos and swatches on the blog, to make it nice and simple! :)
3b)Just by the appearance, you look like the innocent type.from the previous pictures, you definitely like to act with all those different emotions. i think you like to make people smile. :P

Kasumi said...

I love your videosss. You know why? Bc I like laughing at you!! hehe j/k I love ya!

jenn said...

Hi I am a follower and I want this!

What would I like to see more from your blog?
I would like to see more reviews from you. Reviews always help to decide if something is worth buying!

What do I think of you as a blogger?

I think your so cute! I can tell from the pics you take that you have fun :)

whitebutterfly01 said...

Ok I want this! It is a great prize especially considering I don't own ANY Mac and you are being so kind and generous :D So thank you for that!

1.So more of on your blog??? Ok this is hard because you are a great blogger! I love swatches :D They are what makes me say! OH i have to have that hahaha! But it gives a great idea for what the products are like and makes your reviews more genuine etc.

2. What do I think of you as a blogger? I love you! Look at how open you are! You have fun with your blog, you are dedicated! You are not fake which we can see from your crazy pictures! And I love your pictures! You are generous with this giveaway and there should be more bloggers like you! I should try harder!!!

Thank you so much for this opportunity!


hey! just followed your blog and i had a time reading most of the entries just to see what it's all about.

1)i'd like to see more pictures of you and maybe some fotd's? i like learning from other people and gaining techniques on how to do makeup. i would like to see how you do makeup.
2)would love this opportunity to get those nice prizes!
3)i really love your blog. it actually is cool because you're real. that's important in this blogger world. to be true to yourself. so thanks for that.

thanks for this cool contest!