Thursday, April 30, 2009

UPDATED:[A Giveaway Contest]

thanks everyone for joining my contest!
I've added the pictures of the prize that I will be giving out ALL to 1 LUCKY WINNTER

Those of you that didn't enter my contest yet, you still have 3 more days to join!!


I have reached over 100 "followers" !

Because of that, I wanted to do something special to all !!!

A "Giveaway" Contest
April 27,2009 ~ May 4, 2009

I will have 1 winner from this contest !

Here are the requirements to enter:

1.) You HAVE to be my "follower"
2.) You have to tell me that you want it
3.) You have to answer 2 of my question
-What would you like to see more from my blog?
(Please answer with DETAILS. I don't want short answers either LOL)
- What do you think of me as a blogger? (Please be honest. Im not expecting "sweet" comments. Let's all be real ! )


The prize will be..

MAC "A Rose Romance" collection

1 Beauty Powder (Summer Rose)
1 Lipgloss (Virgin Kiss)
1 Lipstick (Way To Love)
1 Eyeshadow (ET TU, BOUQUET?)

This contest will be a great way for me to get to know you guys more and help me to blog better !

Hope you all enjoy !!


PS: This is my 1st contest, so I may have to change things a bit if I HAVE to. I hope you understand!


sanniet said...

omg!!! That lipstick!!! I WANT IT I WANT IT I WANT IT! lol >_< *crosses fingers* I hope I'll win muahaha =X

Swtest2Lips said...

Yay a contest! Im eyeing that beauty powder!!
If you could please post more skincare reviews! There are sooo many beauty bloggers who just post about hauls, swap packages, and fotds. I wished they would do product reviews...especially skincare!

You're a great beauty blogger imo! I like seeing your hauls and you reviews and comparasions! You could maybe lose the music-Its a lil distracting imo.

Thanks for this awesome contest!

Catherine said...

Eek! Three more days - lol, I have to remember to enter soon!!

wuzzyangel said...

I hope you got a lot of great responses!! And you're soo generous for giving out so much of the collection! :)

Lulu said...

I hope you are getting useful responses from all the entries, and thanks for having this contest, you are wayyy too nice :D

anne-nonymous said...

Hey girly i would really love to win your contest. i really hope i win. i would love to see you experiment with more color in your upcoming blog entries. I honestly think you are doing well as a beauty blogger, you seem like you are getting the hang of things. thanks again.


Katrina said...

wow the prizes are everythin i want from the collection! hope u been ok girl. are u and steph graduating togther? btw, i love the song on ur blog! <333

CHOMSIRI said...

you are soo generous!

kylie said...

yay for prizessss! :) ur too generous!

MaryJoyce said...

Hi! Thanks for the giveaway for followers! I want I want! Coolr prizes!! =)very nice 1st giveaway, and also, a huge thanks for letting the internationals join in.

Hmm, i would like to see more reviews (makeup and skincare, maybe states and asian makeup, high end and drugstore, anything), follow up reviews, hauls(who doesn't, can be anything such as makeup clothes books bags?) and maybe lists of faves such as movie, food, anything you want to share, so that we can "know" you better

I think you are a cool blogger, you are not afraid to post chillout pics, and almost naked face. Love love love the trad asian pic sign LOL!! Hmmm on the other hand, i get a bit of an eye strain ( just a bit! ) from the different font sizes and colors,. Maybe its just me since i dont have perfect vision though =)

Once again, thanks for the giveaway!

angie519 said...

Awww you're so cute!

I just got the same DSK necklace =)!

Goodluck with the contest! I gotta do some thinking =P

Janelle said...

Good luck to all the contestants!

Hmm, I wonder if I should do a giveaway once I reach 100 followers too! HMM!

InnovativeEssence said...

Please Enter ME!!!

Q: What would I like to see more from your Blog?

A: I personally, would love to see you do more looks...possibly more eye looks... thats what I love most... and I would love to see you do more reviews.... and maybe you have a certain hobby that you like to do... you can share that also... another great way for us to get to know you more....

Q: What do I think of you as a Blogger?

A: I think you are a great blogger....You have a great personality, you don't care about being silly (or showing that you can have some fun) You are awesome... but just one thing that bothers me most though.. its nothing HUGE!!! It's just the font coloring.. sometimes I can't read it cause its too light! Maybe when you post a posting you can view it to see if it works with the background or not and make it darker?? Other than that you are GREAT!!)

Take Care now!! I hope I win... I want those prizes so bad!!! You are so dang generous for giving out so much.... I dont think I've ever seen anyone give out so much of this stuff.....


Saimese said...

great prizes! :) congrats on the 100 followers

kawaiikao said...

good luck with your contest!!

Hacer DEMÄ°R said...

Q: What would I like to see more from your Blog?

A: I've been following your blog. It's so nice, cute and full of makeup stuff. But the problem is there is only makeup stuff = ) I think you don't like to do a heavy makeup, you like the natural look. But with all of your nice stuff you should try some different makeup, i think. It will look good on your beautiful face ^_^ I'm looking forward to see your makeup pics, especially eye makeup... You introduce the stuff but i would like to see how are they at your face, like you show us some cremes on your hand ^_^

Q: What do I think of you as a Blogger?

A: Your blog is cute as well. But it's like a personal blog. I mean, there are lots of things about you, your life, your shopping stories ^_^ But if you are owner of a blog like this ( i mean there are lots of people following your blog, trying to learn something new... etc.), it must include more information about makeup, beauty or maybe some interesting things about your culture and the way you look at the beauty.

I hope i will get the chance to win the price. There is no Mac in my city and it's killing me -_-

Good luck to everyone.

Emeria said...

as much as you think it's enough..its never enough! lol :X new collections/ new things are made and then you just gotta have it!

good luck with your contest jenn!! im trying to think of a contest to put up..i dno yet :[

Kasumi said...

Here is my entry. FINALLYYY! lol. How can I miss my buddy's first contest?!
Everything is very drool worthy!

I have been a follower for the longest time lol!

I WANT IT! I WANT IT! I WANT IT! (enough? hehe)

I would like to see moreeee reviews of you "rubbing" too hehehehe. more random posts with picture overloaded!!!

I think you are an awesomesss blogger. A better friend though hahaha. I think you like to hurt me when you get the chance to hahahaha.

Dianna said...

Hiii! I want it! I want it!!! hehe...I love your blog! I love the photos with you making funny faces, I love your reviews and I love the way you let your readers in on your life and what is going on with your life, even if it's not beauty related. I would like to see more reviews on your blog regarding skincare. I'd also like to see more videos and possibly more things about what's going on in your life. Oh yea, and more updates! :)

Heather said...

Yay, yay, yay! I WANT IT...pretty please!

I'm a follower!

I'd like to see more product reviews from you.
I think you're doing a great job blogging, for me personally it's sometimes a little distracting when the font is change either in size or color, but other than that everything looks peachy keen love.