Wednesday, April 8, 2009

[Review:REVLON's new artificial nails & eyelashes]

hi ladies <3

so..a while ago
Janet Lai, who is the Assistant Brand Manager of Revlon e-mailed me and asked if I wanted to try their new artificial nails & eyelashes.

Of course, I wanted to try their stuff and I received it about 3 weeks ago .

Janet was kind of enough to send me a lot of their new stuff.
A bit too much?
I don't know why it took me so long to do a review on this but I finally have the package with me and I was able to look at them more carefully.


(Click to enlarge the picture)

She sent me 4 different designs of their artificial nails

(Left to right)
Sequins, Mystic, Starlet, Studio

I have acrylics on right now so I wasn't able to try their nails yet but once I get my nails off, I will defiitely try it and let you guys know. But so far ? My favorite ones are Sequins and Starlet just because they're simple and cute.

Here's what's included in the package:

24 nails
Bond Enhancer
Maxi-Bond Glue
Manicure Stick

It also provides a "4 Easy Steps" to do this.

This can be convinient for someone that is going out for a special occasions or even to a party and yet you didn't have time to go get your nails done professionally.

Honestly, I'm not an artificial nail person ONLY BECAUSE I can't do them right. I always screw them up and get myself all messy. And to get rid of all that, I like to go get it done professionally.

But I guess it's always a good idea to have one for an "emergency purposes"..
like..when your boyfriend is coming over out of nowhere and yet you want to look good and perfect, this could be your life saver. Yea?


(Click to enlarge the picture)

She also sent me 4 different kinds of lashes..

(Top to bottom)
Defining (Maximum Wear Self Adhesive Eyelashes)

Here's what's included in the package:

One pair of eyelashes
Two extra adhesive strips
One applicator


One pair of eyelashes
One lash adhesive






So far, I've only tried the "Intensifying".
I do love it that it's convinient to use! You don't need to put on the eyelash adhesive by yourself since it's already attached to the lashes. I don't use it daily so I'm honestly not used to wearing them. But when I tried their eyelashes, it was easy to put on and didn't feel too heavy.

All you need to do is just peel it off from stand and them trim it if you need to then apply it on your lashes.

This might be a great product to use for someone that uses lashes everyday and yet don't have enough time to do makeup.

Overall, I like Revlon's eyelashes. It works WELL for a drugstore brand.

Did you know that Olivia Palermo only wears Revlon's eyelashes?

I read it from a magazine and thought it was pretty cool !

I have too many of Revlon's stuff and I probably will share with few of the blogger ladies.

But I hope you enjoyed this post.

Thank you Janet for giving me an opportunity to try your new products!

Good night ladies!!


eyecon1219 said...

oh wow ! Janet sent it to everyone it seems like ! and i didn't know that Olvia Palermo only wears Revlon lashes. that's pretty interesting. i always wanted to try the one's just for the ends of the lashes. like the LUSH one's you have up. i shall look into it ;].

Kimberly Tia said...


I love my REV lashes too!! They're soo comfy!!!
glad you got to enjoy some, Janet was really generous to us huh girl?

the nails, im not so much a fan of...but they'll make for great blogger swap or giveaways =)

MiuMiu said...

thanks =) sometimes it's nice to know there's some people out there willing to listen..and it means a lot to me
whhaaa revlon overload!!
i don't think artificial nails work well on me either. i have a few japanese ones but i never use them cuz i always feel like i'll break it and waste it. the times i use them, they're not straight @__@ or the rhinestones pop off lol..oorrr i almost poke my eye out when taking off my contacts hehe
i think i should get the revlon self adhesive lashes when i go back to canada. it's so difficult to work with the glue.
i'm going back at the end of august =/ why does it seem like everyone is coming after i leave? lol. but it's good for you tho, cuz the hot/humid weather will die down by the end of september.

ilovewendydarling said...

Wow! That's a lot of lashes to last you:]

I would give it a try if I wasn't so clumsy:/ I end up with some the lash just hanging by the end of the day :X

Haha! Anyhow, I'm loving the constant updates! Keep it up:]

Take care then<3

wuzzyangel said...

THanks for the review! I'm excited to try these out now! (I won Tina's giveaway)

I'm such a falsie noob, I can never get them on right, so we'll see!! LOL!

ps. Thanks for asking about my sick ass! I appreciate it! :)

mayaari said...

that's a lot of nails and lashes! the lashes look pretty cool though :)

sanniet said...

dang! Everyone is getting sweet sweet loving from Janet! I want to try >_< LOL I'm not that good of a guru yet =P hahaa!

Dang it I might not get your package if I gave you my address and not my boyfriends address? x_X I don't remember which address I gave you LOL sigh...So I might not get your package till AFTER I get home from spring break! I can't wait!!! aghhh I hope you didn't send me too much...Please don't! You're such a sweetie to even help me with my flakey skin ewww!!! *huggs*

Great review! <333 Everyone seem to give a thumbs up on the lashes! Might grab a pair and test it out myself too! <3

Bunnie said...

I've actually never ever worn false lashes!! I'm scared to try, what if I put it on wrong and it glues awkwardly on my lids? haha It's more of fear that is making me not want to try. :P They do lovely on though! I must try one day! You muuuust get a Laura Mercier shimmer bloc!! hehe XOXO

Beauty Snap said...

Seems like the revlon rep has been really generous with the fellow beauty bloggers! I wish I will be popular enough to get these kinds of cool offers one day.. :D
Haha anyhow.. do you have extended wkend for easter? I'm just about finishing my break.. my school has a big jewish population so passover/easter break is earlier than most. sighhh ^^;

Katrina said...

wow this makes me want to get revlon stuffs. can't wait for your review. i agree sequins look so pretty. i want to wear those on my wedding day :)

izumi said...

is it just me or are those lashes just not.. very.. dramatic? i'd want to see pics of 'em on your eyes [x hehhee. get to see your pretty face! two birds with one stone~ yayy.

fuzkittie said...

Girl love your music!! Makes me wanna party, hahahaha.

DSKNguyen said...

where is ur video woman!

aquaracer said...

i love revlon falsies!! they're great and easy to use. but so far i've only seen 2 designs in! haha.

foolishxlady said...

I'm so interested in trying these, but I cant ever seem to find them in stores!

mszcheysser said...

Wow! Everyone been writing about the nails. I should get my hands on them soon then. :)

-Yu- said...

thank you for sharing this! i always wanted to know how the revlon lashes are like.

Jen said...

i just did my review too! phew! that's one off the checklist

Kasumi said...

who is Olivia Palmero lol!
The nails look pretty. very different. You're right about the special occasions thing.

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